Can You Do Your Own Wedding Make-Up?

By admin / October 16, 2019

Your wedding day is likely to be the happiest day of your life, as well as the most expensive, so you’ll no doubt be looking for ways that you can save a little money. If you’re into beauty and have a dressing table covered in products, then you may well be considering doing your own makeup, but you may be worried about the stress of trying to do this on the morning of your big day. Here are some tips for brides who are thinking of doing their own makeup.

Get your skin prepared

Doing your make up is going to be a lot easier if your skin is looking healthy and radiant in the first place. Unfortunately, the combination of stress and alcohol in the lead up to your wedding can take its toll. You should plan a skincare countdown for your wedding, taking care to focus on moisturising your skin. Just make sure you don’t book a facial too close to your wedding day, as it can mean having to cover lots of spots and blemishes that have come to the surface.

On the morning of the wedding, once you’ve done your usual skincare routine, apply a thin layer of primer on your face and eyelids. This will create a smooth base and cover blemishes such as enlarged pores, meaning it’ll be easier to apply your make up.

Get the right products

Don’t leave buying your make up until the last minute. The key to doing bridal makeup is to practice a lot and experiment with different looks until you get the style you like. As you try different products, take photographs and make notes so you can remember what works for you.

Ideally, you want to find makeup that’s simple to apply and not too heavy. Many brides use mineral makeup to get a natural look, and these create a soft, blended look that works well for your wedding day. Don’t forget to buy the right brushes too. They can make all the difference to the final look.

You should also choose a waterproof mascara for obvious reasons, as well as the fact that weddings are often held in the summer, which can mean you end up with sweat causing your make up to run.

Use a setting spray

Ever wondered why professionally applied makeup lasts longer? Setting spray is key. There are sprays available to suit all budgets, and they can help your makeup to stay on for several hours.

Find a calm environment

The morning of your wedding is going to be hectic. It’s worth making a plan for your wedding morning, so you’re not rushing around and have plenty of time to do your makeup. Create a calm area in your home or suite where you can lay out all your products, brushes and everything you need to do your makeup, and if possible, close the door behind you so you can take some quiet time away from your bridesmaids and flower girls getting ready. Don’t drink before brandishing your eyeliner, save the celebratory mimosas for once you’re ready, and then follow the plan you’ve put together.

Doing your own bridal makeup is certainly possible, although it takes some planning and means you may need to move out of your comfort zone and try some new products.


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