Looking for a Plumber? 5 Key Tips for Choosing a Plumber

By admin / October 9, 2019

We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about plumbers and expensive mistakes or poor-quality work. So, are there any affordable, quality plumbers out there?

There are! However, it can take some work to find the best plumber for your situation at the right price. Even if it’s an emergency, don’t settle for the first plumber that pops up in a Google search.

Follow these five tips when looking for a plumber!

1. Are They Legit?

Plumbing is a highly-regulated industry. Plumbers must follow best-practices and local building codes to keep people safe.

While regulations don’t always stop bad plumbers from doing terrible work and charging too much for it, you should check for the right credentials before hiring anyone.

Make sure they have a license to operate as a plumber in your state. Check their website for information about experience, knowledge about permits, and guarantees for their work. Ask about their liability insurance, so you’re not responsible for their injuries while they work on your property.

2. Check References and Reviews

A good plumber has plenty of good references and reviews. Many plumbers post customer testimonials on their website or Facebook page. Do a Google search to find reviews from other sources, like Yelp.

If you’re planning a big job, ask the plumber for a reference. They should be happy to provide contact information for a satisfied customer who is willing to talk with you about the plumber’s work.

3. Compare Pricing

In an emergency plumbing situation, it’s tough to pause and compare pricing with multiple plumbers. If you can, take time to compare pricing from at least two plumbers before work begins.

When your kitchen is flooding from a broken pipe, we understand the urgency of the situation! However, when you have time to plan a plumbing job, you can save money and find better quality work by requesting estimates and comparing prices between area plumbers.

4. Ask for Specials

When you get your estimates, be sure to look for plumbing specials! Many plumbers offer specials on specific services, but they might not mention it upfront.

Look for specials on their website, or just ask! Additional savings on top of an estimate can help you afford a better quality plumber for your project.

5. Shop Local

There are plenty of big chain plumbers to choose from in your area, but have you considered a local plumber? You’ll often find a local plumber offers better service, communication, and follow-up when you need help with your plumbing.

Local plumbers know the conditions of the area and have probably repaired more plumbing situations in your area than they can remember. Give local plumbers a chance to bid on your project or come to your rescue in an emergency.

Looking for a Plumber Can Be Stressful!

No one likes to “need” a plumber. It’s expensive, and it’s hard to know if you received the work you paid for at the end of the job. To reduce some stress, follow our tips when looking for a plumber.

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