The Benefits of Installing Home Stairlifts in Dublin

By admin / March 23, 2020

Mobility issues are considered to be one of the most common troubles of elderly age. Seniors are faced with everyday difficulties regarding mundane activities, such as moving around the house, particularly up and down the stairs.

Since most seniors are reluctant to leave their current homes and move to a nursing facility, thus losing their independence, the only reasonable solution for keeping safe while being at home is installing stairlifts that are the safest way of arriving at the intended location, without risking any falls and injuries.

These are the greatest benefits of installing them in the homes of elderly people requiring assistance.

Greater safety

The most significant benefit of installing this type of device is providing greater safety for seniors in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, they get most of their injuries inside their houses, while trying to use the stairs.

Due to their weakness, impaired eyesight and frequent dizziness, seniors are extremely prone to tripping on objects that they fail to see or making a misstep, which results in a bad fall and an even worse injury. Since their bones are significantly weaker, the most common injuries are broken limbs or hip, which take an extremely long period to recover.

Therefore, in order to avoid potential injuries, installing a home stair lift would certainly minimize the risk. Whenever elderly people would like to go upstairs or downstairs, they’ll be only required to sit in the chair and enjoy the safe ride to the desired floor.

Moreover, there are models that are particularly designed for wheelchairs, beneficial for younger or older people with impaired mobility. These devices arrive at the location that is commanded to them, the users get inside the elevator and take them to the intended floor or room.

The most amazing thing about these devices is the ability to circumvent every obstacle on their way, thus guaranteeing maximum safety. Also, in case of a blackout, the more technologically-advanced models are equipped with batteries that enable people to use them until the power issue is resolved. Read more about their types, features, and method of work.

Amazing convenience

Stairlifts provide incredible convenience in terms of installation, usage, and comfort. They can be installed in literary every home, regardless of the type of staircase or the side they’re installed on. Depending on your needs and preferences, you’re able to install them both on the left and right side of the staircase.

In addition, apart from being uncomplicated to install, these elevators are really simple to use, as well. The users are required to take a seat, press the button and hold it until they arrive at the location. Although the rides aren’t exactly long, these devices provide excellent comfort for the seniors to enjoy every minute of the ride, enabling incredible back, arm. and leg support.

Greater independence

The most common problem that comes with old age is losing independence, owing to the reduced ability to move around the house and perform the usual everyday activities. Therefore, many seniors require assistance from their family members or professional caregivers, particularly if they have a serious mobility problem.

However, most elderly people feel anxious and disappointed when requiring help for performing even the simplest activities, such as moving up and down the stairs, desperately longing for their independence.

Luckily, these elevators provide them with the required independence, enabling them to move around the house without any assistance and concerns about their safety. Visit this link:, for tips on helping the elderly age independently.

The most affordable option

The elderly aren’t provided with many alternatives when it comes to coping with the mobility issues of old age. Anyhow, the installation of stairlifts is undoubtedly the most affordable one. Instead of moving to a nursing home and paying a huge monthly fee or hiring a caregiver who is also supposed to get paid, installing this device is a one-time investment. Seniors would continue to live in their homes, without any additional monthly charges.

Wrap up

This special type of elevator is the safest, most convenient and not to mention the most affordable alternative for restoring people’s independence during old age!

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