Gone but Not Forgotten: 6 Methods of Coping With a Loved One’s Death

By admin / March 23, 2020

Every year approximately 2.5 million people pass away, leaving behind an average of five people who are left to cope with the loss.

What are some healthy coping mechanisms loved ones can use to get through this difficult time?

Have you experienced the loss of someone close to you? Keep reading to learn some coping mechanisms that will lead you to brighter days.

Positive Coping Mechanisms

Not everyone deals with death the same way. It can affect you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and even physically. What can you do to get through your darkest days? Let’s look at some positive coping mechanisms that will help.

Take Care of Yourself

The grieving process can take a toll on your body.  It’s important to eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep at this time.

If you have family members that you usually care for, be sure to be there for them. It will make you feel better knowing others need you and you’re there for them.

Do Something You Enjoy

People might advise you to keep busy, but that’s not good enough unless you’re doing something you love.

Take the time to figure out what makes you happy and go after your dreams. Remember your loved one wants you to be happy.

Motivate yourself to be grateful and do something that makes you happy to be alive every day.

Cherish the Memories

Sometimes when a loved one passes all you can focus on is how they died, how you wish you could go back in time, and ask why it happened.

Try to focus on the good memories. Celebrate the life of your loved one, not their passing.

Talk About How You’re Feeling

Don’t keep your feelings bottled up. Talk to others who are grieving with you. Talk to a therapist.

Avoiding the topic can make you feel like you’re alone. This feeling of isolation can disrupt the healing process.

Accept Your Feelings

Do not view anything you’re feeling as unusual or embarrassing. Everyone deals with grief in different ways. There’s no wrong or right way to grieve.

Are you profoundly sad? Are you angry? Are you feeling exhausted? Are you in denial? All of these are valid feelings.

Look to Your Faith

Are you a religious or spiritual person? Turn to meditation or prayer. Attend a religious service. Talk to your minister or religious leader.

Take comfort in knowing that you’ll see your loved one again. Remember they are with you in spirit.

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Good Coping Mechanisms

Now that you’ve learned some good coping mechanisms to deal with your grief, you’ll be on your way to feeling better as you move through each stage.

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