Why You Should Leave The Home During An Extension

By admin / February 13, 2018

There comes a time in most people’s lives when their home simply isn’t big enough anymore, and they need to either make more space, or find somewhere new. Just over 2 years ago my wife and I went through this exact dilemma and ended up deciding contacting the guys at Community Builders Tulsa, to have our house extended, to create the additional space that we were looking for. There is much to consider when you do have your house extended, and one of those considerations is whether or not you should move out of your home whilst the work is being carried out. At first we stayed in the house, but it became too much as so in the end opted to stay away from the house, and here is why I would recommend it to you, if you are having a house extension.


Unless you are out at work for a long period of the day, when the builders are working on redecorating your home, you are going to face a great deal of noise. Remember that you will be living on a live building site here and that includes plenty of noises such as hammers banging, drills, electric screwdrivers, drying machines, concrete mixers and all other manner of ungodly sounds. If you want some peace, you have to move out of the home during the extension.


Although the majority of builders will do all that they can to clean up after themselves, there is still some very real risks which you will face if you stay at home during the extension. You will want to keep your family safe during renovations. Small things such as carpet nails can get left around, I have stood on tools when tidying up and even on the smaller end of the scale, there is risks that your clothing will get paint or dust on it, or that you will be breathing in dust for the duration. This is especially important if you have young children at home, the best way that you can protect them from these risks, is to whisk them off to  friend or family member’s house, or stay in a hotel until the work is complete.


I have it on good authority from a number of builders that they too prefer it when there is nobody living in the house, and that having nobody there can ensure that they can get on with their job, and work more hours. When there is nobody living in the home, there is less pressure on the building contractors to clear up after themselves every single night, and they can leave in the middle of a job, to easily pick it back up again the next day.

Having the job being completed in a shorter time will save you a great amount of money too, and so even if you do need to stay in a hotel, some of these costs will be covered by the money which you are saving on the extension itself.

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