Top 3 Biggest Fruit Machines Jackpots

The fruit slot machines are known worldwide for the jackpots they offer because if you get to win one, it can change your whole lifestyle. The land-based slot machines offer millions in jackpots all around the world, and the concept is copied by the online fruit machines. You can play the fruit machine of your choice from anywhere in the world and have a chance of changing your fortune by winning the jackpot.

There are various kinds of jackpots in the casino games available on the internet. These include direct jackpots and progressive jackpots. The direct jackpot offers a direct payout on the basis of the credit while the progressive one provides payout multipliers according to the player’s stakes. The winning amount increase with the increase in the number of active paylines and the player’s stake. Here is a list of top 3 biggest fruit machine jackpots offered by online fruit slot machines around the globe.

Juice & Fruits

It is a 5 reel online slot with 10 paylines based on fruit machine theme. The gameplay is really simple, and all the symbols depict the theme in a true manner. The graphics make the game really refreshing to watch and play while the music is also catchy. It offers a jackpot of 10,000 credits which is quite huge as compared to its competitors in the market along with a number of other added bonuses.

Purple Hot

Purple Hot is all about fruits, and the graphics give it a really refreshing outlook. Although the gameplay is really simple the things to look out in this slot are multiple bonuses and the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot gives the online players a chance to win 5000x their line stake on their lucky day. The only condition required for having a chance to trigger the progressive jackpot is to play with maximum paylines being active. The higher the stakes are, the more you can win if the progressive jackpot is triggered. This is the reason why this slot has gotten a place on the list of top 3 biggest fruit machine jackpots.

Buffet Bonanza

Buffet Bonanza consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines in total. It clearly follows the classic fruit machines when it comes to the gameplay. There are 12 symbols in total, and most of them consist of different food items and fruits. The jackpot it offers is quite impressive if we compare it with the other online slot machines. You can win up to 6000x your bet if you get a chance to trigger the jackpot in this particular slot. By activating maximum paylines and playing with higher stakes, you can easily win a handsome payback with this particular feature being triggered.

Tips to Win at Fruit Machines

As a player, you always have to know about the gameplay before spending anything real. Most of these modern casinos available online offer a free version with virtual credits. Make full use of this option to have a look at all the available features of the game. After you get to know about all the features and have played the free version various times only then, you should move on to putting real money at stake. Try to activate the maximum number of paylines if you are going for a jackpot win. The key here is spending in a balanced way on all the paylines. You don’t have to spend big most of the times to win big, but you have to spend in a controlled way on maximum paylines.

Availing Bonuses

There are multiple bonuses available in most of the online casino games which can provide you handsome money. The only thing to be figured out in order to get the maximum out of the available bonuses is strategizing your game. Different lines offer different prizes, and same is the case with the combinations. Try to look for the slots with higher RTP so that there are more winning chances and you can have the return on your investment most of the times. Do read the reviews of various casino games before choosing one so that you are able to strategize for the game properly.


Hundreds of casino games are available on the internet nowadays, and it is really difficult to choose one with the most winning chances. There are very few games that offer high paying jackpots, so it is necessary to do the research about these casino games and play the ones with higher RTP and maximum payout offering. The reason behind writing this article is to enlighten the online slot players regarding the biggest jackpot providers in this industry. It is possible that we’ve missed out on any great slot available on the internet in this regard as new casino games are being developed every day.

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