How to Make a Small Living Space Look Bigger

By admin / September 26, 2019

If you think your living space is a little on the small side, you can wish that you had more space — or you can make it look like you have more space. Most of us don’t have the luxury of putting a new home extension on. We live in apartments or don’t have the budget to build onto our homes.

When you find yourself in a small space but you want to make it look bigger, we can help. Continue reading this article to learn how to make a room look bigger.

Create a Beautiful (Big Looking) Living Space

As you read more about tricks to transform your home, you’ll likely find some tips you can implement right away. Even the smallest change can make a big difference for your small space.

1. Get Bold With Your Ceiling

If your eyes are only looking around the flooring and lower walls, it is easy to feel like the walls are closing in on you. When you paint or paper the ceiling with an interesting design, your eyes are automatically going to gravitate to the ceiling.

Since your eyes have more places to look, your room will immediately start feeling like it is bigger.

2. Declutter With a Bias

If you don’t love it — remove it. Even if you do love it, if it’s big — remove it. Finding small pieces of furniture you can put in your space will keep you from making the room look overcrowded.

Depending on how petite you are, you may be able to get away with low sofas and tables. If you’re tall or more on the stout side, you might not be able to go too small on your furniture but try some out and see what your options are.

Besides for furniture, you should also look around and see what accent pieces you can get rid of. If you have a lot of little pieces, your small space won’t look decorated — it will look cluttered.

3. Stripes Are Your Friend

You most likely know the rule that you shouldn’t wear sideways stripes because it makes you look wider than you really are. In the case of a small room, it doesn’t matter which way you place the stripes because they’ll either make the room look taller or wider.

You might opt for striped wallpaper or you could go for a striped rug in the middle of the room or under the couch.

4. Organize Like a Pro

You could have the same amount of things but when they are unorganized, they look like there are many more of them than if you had them well organized. Don’t only think or organized as to how things are lined up or stacked. Organizing could mean that you alphabetize your things or color-code them.

Think of some ways you can organize to make your space look orderly. Once you finish reorganizing, you’ll see there a major difference in the way your space looks and feels.

5. Use a Clear Shower Curtain

Putting a clear shower curtain in your bathroom will allow the light to pass through your bathroom easily. It will also look bigger because you’ll be able to see through the curtain into the shower area instead of it looking like there is a wall there.

6. Leave Your Windows Uncovered

Covering your windows makes your room look closed off. When you leave your windows uncovered, you’re able to borrow space from outdoors. If you don’t like people being able to see into your windows, try using sheer curtains. Sheer curtains will give you some coverage from potential onlookers but you’ll still be able to get the light from outside.

7. Use White and Light

Using white and light colors will allow light to reflect off the walls and make the room appear bigger. Your room will feel light and airy and look bigger than it would if you put moderate to dark colors in the room.

8. Create a Clear Path

Your natural thought might be to spread your things out within the home so it doesn’t look all bunched up. While it might allow things to be further apart, it isn’t going to help much with making a room feel bigger.

When you walk through a room that has furniture everywhere, you’re likely to bump into some of the furniture which makes the room feel crowded and stuffy. Putting your furniture to one side of the room to allow for easy walking from one room to another will make life easier and make your room feel bigger.

9. Don’t Try Too Hard

When you’re decorating your home or picking out furniture, you might be trying to make it look like a magazine spread. You don’t have to have a home that looks like a magazine spread to have a beautiful and comfortable home.

Think about things you’re going to use and how you’re going to use them. If you don’t see yourself using that footstool, why not leave it at the store? There’s no reason to just get furniture for the sake of it when you could buy pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

Learn More About Creating an Ideal Space

Now that you know how to make your living space look bigger, why stop there? We have more articles that can help you as you’re learning how to create a welcoming home and more.

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