How to Create a Summer Oasis in Your Backyard

One of the best aspects of the summer season is the option to spend more time in your backyard. When the sun starts to shine, you might want to escape the warmth of your home to enjoy your mini outdoor sanctuary, which will allow you to relax while soaking up essential vitamin D either alone or with your loved ones.

If you want to turn the private outdoor space into your personal paradise this season, find out how to create a summer oasis in your backyard.

Add Both Comfort and Color

To make your backyard appear both inviting and stylish this summer, aim to add comfortable seating that will make you want to spend many an hour in the outdoors. You also can make the space appear much more fun and friendly by incorporating colorful cushion covers, decorative candles, and unique ornaments, which can add personality into your exterior design.

Install a Tranquil Pond or Water Fountain

To create a serene, tranquil space that will make you feel a million miles away from your busy home, consider installing either a beautiful pond or a relaxing water fountain. You can close your eyes and listen to the trickle of water, as the summer sun kisses your skin. It can create the perfect atmosphere for reading a good book, enjoying a cup of coffee, or connecting with friends or family members.

Banish Mosquitoes

Nothing can ruin your mood during summer quite like pesky mosquitoes. To ensure they don’t attempt to sting you and your guests during a garden party, BBQ or an al fresco dinner, you should add citronella candles onto your tables. The troublesome bugs will be deterred from interrupting you and your loved ones as you relax outside with a cocktail or a cup of coffee in your hand.

Create an Ambience with Lighting

To create an ambiance in your backyard and shine a light on your stunning exterior design, you should hang strands of lighting across the space. For example, you can hang string lights in a large tree, suspend them from a pergola, or add them into a glass vase on your outdoor coffee or dining table.

Make Space for Shade

While you might be more than happy to spend many an afternoon soaking up the glorious sunshine, you may also need to add some shade into your garden to allow you and your guests to escape the intense heat. Rather than venturing back into your stuffy home, you could seek shade under a large tree or pergola to cool down.

Build a Fire Pit

Instead of venturing back indoors once the sun goes down, spend many an evening in the comfort of your garden by building a handy fire pit, which can prevent you from feeling a shudder or chill. Plus, it can be a romantic way to toast to a successful summer with your partner with a glass of wine, or you could make delicious s’mores at night with your children or friends.


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