They’ll Have to Rewrite the Textbooks

By admin / June 24, 2019

Textbooks are like living entities that grow and change; some do it all so quickly, while others take way too long to deliver a new message. With the world constantly changing, theories, laws, and even history itself is up for new debates as well as written text previously impossible to past generations. Which text books are in most need of a rewrite? The answers might surprise you.


History text books can be some of the most difficult to keep up to date. With events being written in daily, there’s no way for traditional print versions to stay completely current. Some of the key components that always trip up these types of text books are governmental changes. New laws enacted as well as changes in representatives and presidents require an eye towards consistent differences. For standard elementary and high school classes, these late changes often fail to matter as school years usually end before getting anywhere near current history.

College courses have a different perspective of text books as they are almost always geared towards specific periods or subjects. If a history class is based on current events, the odds are good that supplementary items or online articles are added to the current curriculum. In other cases, the professor may search out the most current book on the market and make students purchased more than one text for their supplies. That’s why many college students choose to rent textbooks over purchasing them.


Science is full of constantly changing concepts and discoveries that require a regular rewrite of text books. What was once thought of as the final word on a subject often finds there is quite a bit more to say. Some of the constantly changing subjects under the science category are:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Meteorology

Astronomy is one of the most changing subjects as discoveries are made more often than you’d think. With satellites revealing new details like black holes and everything well beyond the boundaries of the galaxy, it’s easy to think that’s the only thing occurring in the field. The newest additions are actually coming from the space race that is dominating the headlines. With SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin the three biggest names in the industry vying for the coveted awards along with the rewards that accompany bragging rights. If or when any of the three accomplish tasks such as tourist space travel or the first steps on Mars, it will forever alter the text books and do away with a large amount of Astronomy books on the market.

Because it is such as wide ranging subject, Biology is always under debate and review. Studies published everyday contradict one another, making hard to figure out which changes to be made to certain portions of subject related text books. Choosing the wrong information could invalidate the text book, making for an even bigger hassle as colleges and school systems adjust content. It’s a proposition that makes ideas to rent textbooks way more convincing for students in biology related programs.

An aspect of Biology that is especially on the move is discoveries concerning the body, medical treatment, and the techniques redefining forensic sciences. Any of these categories can change on a daily basis, that’s why many manufacturers are including online supplements with additions and news tailored to these findings.

Meterology has undergone a vast array of changes over the 20th century and beyond. With positions changing towards issues such as climate change, the topic has also become quite controversial for some school systems and professors. While it alone has been confirmed numerous times, some still want text books without the information included. It puts book makers in an interesting position as they balance beliefs with proven science as they write up current text.

It’s not just controversies effecting the subject, technology is also changing some of the most tried and true ways to gather data. Doppler radar is one of the most current innovations that are standing out as more than a TV gimmick. Details gathered from this system alone is helping to produce data on changing weather patterns and new systems that defy previous logic on weather patterns. These details are crucial in establishing text books that provide a broader picture for students.

Changing textbooks are just a way of life for those in the publishing industry. Making the decision to change not only helps the book improve its status, but gives students a better learning environment as well as the tools to tackle their respective subjects.

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