A Guide To Building Your Dream Home

You’ve decided that the only way to get the home of your dreams is to build it yourself. Your budget is not unlimited, which means you may have to make some sacrifices. Designing and building your own home should be a fun experience. Ideally, you are going to be living in it for many years, and it would be nice if it exudes good vibes. When it comes to building your dream home, here are some money-saving tips.


Finding the right location and purchasing the perfect piece of land could save you a large chunk of cash. Before you spend your money on the right plot, do some research and find out the cost of clearing and leveling it ready for building. Clearing scrub, trees, rocks, and other obstacles could add to the expense of building your dream home. It is sensible to factor in the cost of adding water, sewerage, and utility lines. As more and more land gets developed, the perfect plot may be harder to find, so it pays to keep your options open and be prepared to be flexible.

Type of House

There are multiple ways you can save money when it comes to the type of house you decide to build. A ranch tends to be more expensive to build than a two-story house. A two story’s living space is spread over two floors, which requires smaller foundations and roof. Simplifying the design of the construction is another way to save money. A rectangular house with a simple roof and standard windows is going to cost less than a more intricate design. Another option that’s worth considering is a tiny house. More and more people are choosing to live in a smaller space. Tiny house kits can be bought at a fraction of the price of a new build, and you get to benefit in a number of other ways.

Be Green

It’s possible to save money by being green. Reuse, recycle, reclaim, and make use of clearance materials whenever possible. Before you start constructing, take a look around your neighborhood for the local reclamation yard and check whether there are any demolition companies in the area. Get in touch and ask about materials you can make use of.

Going green can also save your money in the future if you choose to build your house with energy efficiency in mind. Use green building products whenever possible. Choose Energy Star appliances and orientate your house to take advantage of the sun.

Try Bartering

Another great way to save money is to find someone to barter with. Alternatively, your builder might have to tasks you can help with and save yourself some money on the bill. It might feel like you’re a bit cheeky, but there’s no harm in asking. See if he’s prepared to reduce the price slightly if you take care of the painting side of things. Maybe you can do the landscaping of your backyard rather than paying him to do it. Cleaning up after construction has finished is something else you can do to save money.



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