How to Choose Custom Canadian Log Cabin Kits and Log Home Kits?

By admin / January 6, 2020

If you are looking for an unconventional and affordable type of home, but you find the residential houses too costly for your budget, then you might consider building yourself a log cabin. These types of homes can be built anywhere as long as you have a piece of land and enough wood to construct them.

Many people opt for log homes, as they give them the opportunity to participate in the building process. They can later use them as permanent homes or as vacation cottages, depending on their preferences.

Nevertheless, to ease the building process even further, you can purchase a log cabin kit which provides you with the base of the cottage, which you’re supposed to equip further by yourself.

In case you’re appealed by Mountain Ridge log homes and log cabins, these tips will help you choose the best kit.

Calculate your budget

Prior to purchasing a log cabin kit, you have to calculate your budget, as it’s the most crucial factor which determines the type of log home you’re going to have. Anyhow, you need to take into consideration the overall cost of the cabin, as the kit only provides you with walls, flooring, roof, windows and doors, so you’ll have to purchase all the additional elements you wish to place inside.

In addition, bear in mind that the kit will cost you twice less than the price of the other things which need to be bought in order for the cabin to complete. Naturally, the more luxurious items and materials you choose, the higher price you will pay. Therefore, in case you wish to build a cottage which provides you with a 5-star luxury, be prepared to cash out a larger amount of money, much more in comparison with the one you paid for the kit.

Another factor which influences the cost, is the location where you intend to build your cabin. You can’t purchase a kit unless you have already bought land to build it on. The location plays a major role as it defines the type of the kit, based on the soil kind, the view from the cottage as well as many other significant factors. Also, if you lack the time or skills to build it on your own, you’ll have an additional cost of hiring builders to construct it for you.

Determine your needs and preferences

In order to go log kit shopping, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Size is the first thing to determine depending on the number of rooms you need. In case you intend to dwell there with your whole family or have frequent visitors, then you’ll need a big-sized cottage. However, if you plan to live or stay there by yourself or be accompanied by your partner, you’ll just need a one or two-room kit.

Moreover, you have to be clear on the purpose of this log house, whether you’re going to live in them or simply use it as a place to spend your time at weekends or your vacation. In the former case, you’ll certainly need a larger cottage, equipped with all necessary appliances and fittings, while in the latter case you may purchase a small-sized home kit as you don’t need such a large space for a place where you’ll spend your spare time.

The size you’ll select, largely depends on the type of person you are. If you’re a homebody, who’d rather spend his/her time parked in front of the TV, then make sure you have plenty of space to be comfortable inside the cottage. However, in case you’re an outdoorsy kind of person who wishes for nothing more than enjoying some fresh air, you’d better invest in a log home with a porch, instead of one with a huge living room.

Select the right log type

When it comes to selecting wood, you’re offered with a wide range of log types to choose from. They differ in color, energy efficiency and quality, each of these factors affecting the kit’s price. Cedar is considered to be the highest quality log which makes it the costliest variant on the market. Click here to read more about the most common types of wood, used in log cabins.

Apart from choosing timber of fine quality, you have to ask the manufacturer about its place of origin and period of growth. The slower the tree grows, the longer the timber lasts. You also need to make sure that the wood is stamped, as in this way you’ll know it’s legally acquired.

Wrap up

Building a log cabin is the perfect solution for every homeowner who wishes to be involved in the construction process.

Use your skills to build your dream cottage!


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