Laminate Timber Flooring Company Tips on How to Maintain Flooring

By admin / January 6, 2020

By placing laminate in your living or commercial area, you have made a great choice. It’s is durable, easy to maintain, and at the same time, very accessible, and easy to install. On this link, you can see what you need for DIY laminate installation.

Due to its construction, this flooring is quite resistant to damage and scratches during everyday use in houses and offices. It can withstand heavy furniture without the appearance of sags, and the surface layer is resistant to fading and discoloration. That makes laminate suitable for busy areas such as the living rooms, hallways, and kids’ rooms.

Provide Optimal Conditions

To keep your floor in good condition for a long time and retain its value, you need to provide a particular temperature and humidity, which does not require a lot of time and effort. If you have an excellent heating system, you don’t have to worry at all.

Because laminate is made of processed and pressed timber, moisture is the greatest enemy of wooden flooring. But not the superficial damp, but the one that slips between the layers. Therefore, the temperature in the room should be constant.

The optimum percentage of moisture in the air prevents it from drying out, and the dry air affects the structure and functionality of tiles. When you provide optimal conditions in your rooms, you feel comfortable and stay a healthy, antistatic environment.


Dry Cleaning is the Best

Before the occurrence of various commercial floor cleaners and equipment, brooms and rags were the only cleaning tools you need. To clean surface dust and dirt from laminate flooring, it is still best to rely on essential cleaning agents. The only thing to think about is the fibers on the mop or brush.

Harsh brushes with sharp bristles can scratch the surface and cause permanent damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dry dust cloth or soft mop. Although the laminate is quite resistant, get brushes made from a blend of natural fibers. These are perfect for cleaning delicate wooden floors.

Do the moping in the direction of the laminate tiles. If you do it this way, you’ll successfully collect the dirt that gets between these tiles. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner unless you have a particular soft brush for cleaning delicate wood flooring.

Remove Spilled Liquids ASAP


Whether it is laminate flooring in the hallway, living room or children’s room, or some commercial area, it can happen that you or someone else accidentally spill some of the liquid on it. Although the current dampness won’t damage it, it is of utmost importance not to leave the spilled liquid on the laminate surface for a long time.

Fluid retention can damage the protective coating or cause discoloration. If it gets to deeper layers, it will cause mold and inner deterioration. Also, keep the flooring dry for the safety of those who walk on it, as the moisture makes it extremely slippery.

No Steam Cleaning

It would be easy to clean any floor using steam cleaners. You won’t need much effort and time, so you’d probably do the cleaning more often than you do now. However, regardless of the manufacturer’s claims about the effectiveness of these appliances and their applicability, steam cleaners can damage even the best laminate flooring.

The laminate is made up of layers of material. Between these layers is the glue that holds them together. The hot steam from these devices can quickly melt the adhesive and make the layers separate, bulge, and crack. Also, the high steam temperature can dry the surface coating, which serves as protection from scratching.

Home-Made Cleansers

Vinegar and water are a well-known combination when it comes to cleaning, and best of all, you can use it on laminate. Although dry cleaning is adequate for some essential maintenance, from time to time, you need to use a bit stronger floor cleaner.

The vinegar is abrasive, but in combination with hot water, it will not damage the laminate. Moreover, it will break down stains from juice, soil, coffee, etc. Don’t be concerned about the smell of vinegar; it will disappear in no time. But if the aroma bothers you, use mild baby shampoo instead.

If you want to refresh your flooring, wipe it with a cloth that you previously soaked in warmish water with a few drops of aromatic oil. Stubborn stains, such as those of ink or nail polish, can be cleaned with medical alcohol. Sticky substances will be easier to scrape off if you rub them with an ice cube.

Like any other household surface, laminate flooring requires maintenance and timely cleaning to maintain its shine and aesthetic value. Apart from the fact that the selected class of laminate contributes to its durability and appearance, the way of maintenance is a crucial thing.

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