How the evolution of gaming has been transformed by the internet

By admin / January 7, 2020

The internet has undeniably transformed the world of gaming, and has allowed people around the world to access and enjoy a wider range of games than ever before. Traditional casino gaming can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life online, using a Mohegan Sun online casino bonus code to get started. All kinds of games have adapted to the ubiquity of the internet in our lives, as developers and distributors make use of the many advantages that the worldwide web has to offer.

A cultural shift

Video games predate the widespread availability of the internet, and it wasn’t really until the current era of reliable high-speed broadband that online gaming really took off. Until then, the console was still king, and that left video gaming still tied to its roots in arcade machines. The ability to play games online, as well as the viability of the web as a means for distribution, communication and retail, has led to a major cultural shift in the way that games are perceived and enjoyed, and in the online communities that have grown up around them.

Multiplayer games

The rise of multiplayer games is the most obvious consequence of online gaming. The massive multiplayer role-playing games such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy allow you to join a vast global community of online players, and to play the game simultaneously with huge numbers of other people all across the planet, in real time. These games are also a social portal, as out-of-game connections and friendships are forged with people you meet while playing. Less ambitious, casual multiplayer games such as Farmville have also become massively popular thanks to the internet.

Mobile gaming

More recently, gaming has migrated from home PCs to mobile devices, particularly our smartphones. This is seen as the big market for the future of gaming, and better internet connections along with ever more impressive phone technology mean that the games available are becoming increasingly sophisticated. New games need to be optimized for mobile use as more people enjoy the freedom to be able to play their favorite games at any time and in any place.

Reduced cost

Whether you pay to download a game or play online, the internet has massively lowered the financial barrier to getting into gaming. Games now cost less and are available through a wider array of channels. Many online games can be played for free, and games bought as apps are incredibly affordable. Online distribution also means that it’s easier for companies to fix glitches via upgrades and patches, without having to return a console game to the store and wait for a replacement.

The rise of microtransactions

While the point of entry for a game may now be a lot cheaper, or even free, companies have devised a whole new way to continue to make money out of players throughout a game’s life. Formerly, the business model was that you bought the game and that was that. Now, companies offer a wide selection of add-ons, from extra lives to new levels, in-game items and attributes, character avatars, etc., all available for a small fee. You don’t have to pay for these extras to enjoy the game, but the ease of online transactions means that many will certainly want to do so.

Online forums

Outside of the actual games, the internet is a place where players can get together and swap tips, tales and tricks or watch top players go through the games on video streaming sites. Online forums and websites have also largely replaced gaming magazines and fanzines as sources of news and information. It’s largely thanks to the internet that gaming has exploded as a genuine worldwide community, with players becoming fans united by their shared interests and obsessions.


The next big thing in online gaming is undoubtedly eSports, in which the gaming equivalents of professional athletes compete for huge cash prizes in front of a worldwide online audience of millions. In terms of audience figures and revenue, eSports are now starting to seriously challenge major traditional sports such as football and baseball, and their popularity will continue to increase. We are likely to see them granted Olympic status over the next few years, an event that will undoubtedly also have a knock-on effect on the wider sphere of online gaming.

The world of gaming is now unrecognizable compared to what it was like before the internet. From online casinos to interactive multiplayer RPGs, the possibilities that have been realized are infinite. The story doesn’t end here either, as the future of online gaming may make everything that we’ve seen so far seem like child’s play.

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