Hardwood floors are proven to provide great durability

By admin / September 19, 2019

Choosing the most appropriate type of floor for your home can be a big headache, because the quality of the materials or the type of installation can depend on many variables such as the comfort of use or type of decoration you can devise. One of the most successful options and that we will cover here is hardwood flooring. Let us carefully and thoroughly analyze why.

Multiple Layers of Wood

Hardwood flooring is a surface formed by multiple layers of wood, highlighting the upper part that becomes the surface of the visible floor and must be resistant to wear. This type of floor is very firm and allows different finishes, either more or less decorative-depending on customer preference.

Very Durable

Hardwood floors are proven to provide great durability although they can be presented in different qualities with their consequent variable durations. In order to know exactly how durable hardwood flooring can be, you will need to know the density with which the chosen board and the outer layer are manufactured, as well as what abrasion resistance it presents by checking the AC code.

Simple Installation

Unlike other types of flooring, hardwood has certain capabilities when it comes to installation and does not require a huge investment of money of time, although it must be remembered that it is a job for professionals in the field no matter how simple it may seem.


There are certain types of floor that don’t work in a certain space, depending on what constructions, climates, surface or conditions are present . Therefore you should inform yourself long before making the decision to install them in your home to avoid making a costly mistake. Thankfully, this is difficult to impossible to happen with hardwood flooring.

It is not necessary to have a certain base or type of floor for installation, although it is important that the surface is completely dry and level, something relatively easy to achieve. It can be used on cement, granite, vinty or wood without problems.

Quality and Appearance

Although it is not a product that is traditionally made to measure, hardwood floors come in multiple varieties so that you can pick the most appropriate for your personal taste. You can even acquire a type of floor with greater or lesser resistance to humidity or certain characteristics depending on the location and conditions of your home.

When choosing your hardwood floor, you will not only have a multitude of different options and characteristics to choose from, but also designs and style; thanks to its popularity there is great variety in types of wood, shades or treatments to give the specific look you are looking for.

How to Choose a Color

The variety of colors and finishes of hardwood flooring is very wide so you can always find the one that suits your home perfectly. Take into account the style of the decoration and the tones of the furniture to choose the style of the sheets and their texture, being able to select between finishes that imitate other materials such as hydrautiv tile, cement or rust finish.

Light colors together with white give us luminosity and a sensation of space. Grey colors combine well with any style. Dark colors offer elegance and more warmth. If your style is rustic, the flooring with the strongest grain should be your thing.


There are many advantages of having hardwood flooring you may not have considered. To name just a few they take care of the environment, they have physical and mental health benefits, their properties facilitate energy saving and long-lasting, they can be renewed and bring warmth and elegance to any place their are used in.

Health Benefits

Wood, being a natural material and by its own composition and origin, provides benefits to mental and physical health by reducing the impact on joints. Wood provides well-being through its aesthetic aspect, it’s pleasant touch, its low thermal conductivity and its capacity to regulate humidity, which makes indoor climates more pleasant, increasing comfort. Wood is a hygroscopic material, it regulates the amount of humidity. This helps the respiratory tract and reduces the risk of irritation of mucous membranes and the presence of germs.

Saving Energy

The energy balance of wood floors is better than that of other materials. Studies show that only about a tenth of the energy required to make a wooden floor is needed. In addition, wood is a thermal insulator that protects the space where it is installed from cold in winter and heat in summer, allowing energy saving in the homes where it is installed.

Unique Material

Wood is the only ecological, natural, sustainable, renewable, recyclable and non-toxic materials.

Advance Technology

Wooden floors offer great possibilities. Their durability, stability and great variety of species allow them to be installed in any environment.

Excellent Insulation

Wood as a materials offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, its porous composition reduces the impact on the joints when walking.


You now know all the benefits of having hardwood flooring, which should allow you to make a fully informed decision when choosing which type is most suitable for your needs. As explained, there are many options to choose from, but luckily when it comes to harwood, there is something for everyone’s taste.


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