Brief Guideline about Home Exterior Cleaning

By admin / September 19, 2019

If you are selling your real estate, you are certainly considering how to increase its value. Although the price of a property usually depends on supply and demand, many other factors can affect it. The exterior of the home is, in most cases, a crucial factor for purchase.

The first impression is the most important, and the unattractive, dirty, and neglected exterior will surely repel customers. People sometimes pay too much attention to other things, to forget the obvious – the outside cleaning. Pressure washing Sarasota is one of the ways how to do that, quickly and without spending a little fortune.


Pressure Washing – Pros and Cons

Even the biggest enthusiasts don’t think of washing the exterior walls manually. For this reason, pressure washer machines have been invented to make the job much more comfortable. Buying or renting this device (or hiring an agency to do the work for you) is a good investment.

The advantages of pressure washing are the speed of operation and broader coverage. Also, it’s easy to reach the inaccessible parts that you most likely need ladders for. The water pressure can be adjusted depending on the layers of dirt or the angle at which you work.

The downside to this type of cleaning is the ability to damage the materials. The water pressure can sometimes be so intense that it cuts into concrete, wood and even metal parts of the facade. Imagine what it can do to the paint. Also, water can penetrate the deeper layers of the walls, and thus bring moisture and mold into the interior of the house.

If you are unsure how to use this machine, hiring a cleaning agency may be a better option for you. Or you can rely on manual washing with a bucket and a sponge. Look on the bright side – this is excellent physical activity, and by the way, you can check the facade and see if any repairs are needed somewhere.

Clean Decks and Porches


Pressure washing machines wash everything from concrete to wood. It makes them suitable for cleaning porches, terraces, stairs, and paths around the house. Along with adjusting the pressure and cleaning angle, it can be quite easy to remove mold, moss, and stubborn dirt.

Still, only water is not enough. Moss and mold develop in a moist area, and even when thoroughly cleaned, it can quickly return. Therefore, after a thorough wash, use anti-mold protective coatings. For more persistent stains, such as tar or rust, use specially-formulated stain removers before power washing.

Don’t Forget the Roof

Many of us remember the roof only when it starts to leak or when a storm breaks a tile. The construction of the roof is made with a slope so that water can’t get inside; but weather conditions affect the formation of dirt, moss, and mold on it.

Similar to walls, roofing cleaning is done with the help of pressure cleaning machines. It is recommended to replace damaged and missing tiles before using water, to prevent the entering from damp. But no one can guarantee that high water pressure won’t cause further damage. So, maybe a soft-cleaning is a better solution for the rooftop.

Windows – The Eyes of Your House

Why do windows look dirty after a thorough cleaning? You probably haven’t cleaned them from the outside, so dust stains and raindrops make them messy. Filthy windows pretty much ruin the look of your home.

Since most professional cleaners won’t recommend power washing due to possible damage, an alternative is the special washer attachments that you put on your regular garden hose. The water pressure is significantly lower than in pressure washing machines.

Right after washing, you must wipe the windows immediately to avoid unsightly streaks. Use squeegee and towel. After a single move of the squeegee, wipe the rubber with a towel. This way, you won’t have to clean the same spot several times because of water debris.

‘Rejuvenating’ the exterior will remove most of the dirt and mildew, and back your property an old glow. Some agencies offer complete cleaning of interior and exterior, as well as yards and all associated facilities for sale. Most of the cleaning job you can do on your own and thus save money significantly.


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