8 Brilliant Space-Saving Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

By admin / September 26, 2019

Did you know that the average kitchen size in America is between 100 and 200 square feet?

If you’re tired of working in a cramped space, it may be time for a kitchen makeover. With a few simple tricks, you’d be surprised by how much bigger you can make your kitchen feel.

Do you want to learn how you can make the most out of a tiny kitchen?

Keep reading for 8 genius space-saving ideas for small kitchens.

1. Upgrade Your Cabinets

Having ample cabinet space is crucial for staying organized and concealing all your belongings.

Even if you’re good about keeping clutter to a minimum, having miscellaneous objects out in the open can make your space feel more crowded than it is.

If you have limited cabinet space or poor-quality cabinets, it’s worth investing in newer or bigger models that can help you utilize your wall space. Shaker style cabinets are not only functional, but they’re also a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

2. Use the Inner Doors of Your Cabinets

If you’re having a hard time fitting everything into your cabinets, you can create much more storage space by utilizing the inner doors.

Adhesive door racks or hooks allow you to hang bulky items like lids or measuring cups. Revamping your cabinet doors will also allow you to find what you need faster because your gear will stay organized.

This strategy can also help you maximize your pantry. Since pantry doors are usually much longer, this gives you even more room to hang different foods and keep the space organized.

3. Try Hanging Your Pots and Pans

One of the best space-saving kitchen ideas is to hang your pots and pans from your ceiling or on a rod over your window.

Since this kitchen gear is bulky, keeping it out in the open can free up loads of valuable cabinet space. As long as your pots and pans are at a reachable height, cooking can take less time since you know where everything is.

If you hang everything just right, then your pots and pans can look like a fancy art installation, too. Tons of modern kitchens that have lots of storage space still use this technique simply for the pleasing aesthetic.

4. Take Fridge Magnets to the Next Level

If you’re not taking advantage of the space on your refrigerator, then you’re missing out.

With the help of magnets, you can store all kinds of tools or ingredients on the side of your fridge.

If you buy jars with magnetic lids, you could have an easy-access spice rack. If you buy a magnetic strip, you could hang cooking or eating utensils. With so much space there, the possibilities are endless. If you want custom magnets made for your fridge American Sign Letters can print them and make them any size you need.

5. Make Blind Cabinets More Accessible

Lazy Susans are the ultimate space savers for small kitchens because they can transform blind cabinets that are impossible to use.

If you have one or two cabinets that are difficult to reach inside, Lazy Susans can hack that space by pulling your belongings out farther whenever you open them. Revolving Lazy Susans can help you utilize even more space because you can fit more things inside without compromising visibility or accessibility.

Although Lazy Susans work wonders for blind cabinets, you can use them in any cabinet you’d like.

Another popular place to install Lazy Susans is under the kitchen sink. If you have a lot of cleaning supplies, you can keep them organized better and prevent any spills caused by digging around inside.

6. Install Shelves Wherever Possible

Every space-saving kitchen has shelves wherever cabinets aren’t available.

Don’t forget that you can install tiny shelves to stack cups or other small items. Every inch of wall space can be turned into extra storage if you’re clever about it.

Even if you have cabinets on every wall, you can still install shelves above them if your ceiling permits it. Since those shelves are harder to reach, it’s best to store things that you don’t use often there.

You can even use that space to add decorations like cookbooks or fancy plates to give your kitchen more personality.

7. File Your Baking Sheets and Other Supplies

Have you ever lost a baking sheet in the abyss or created an avalanche trying to pull one out of a massive pile?

If you have lots of baking sheets, cutting boards, tins, and other bakeware, you can keep things organized with file holders. Keeping all of your thin supplies upright and compacted allows you to fit more together in a small space.

8. Carts Are Clever Kitchen Space Savers

Most small kitchens don’t have an island.

Not only are islands elegant, but they also give you more counter and storage space.

If you don’t have enough room to add an island to your kitchen, you can buy a kitchen cart to achieve a similar effect.

Kitchen carts can end up being more useful than islands for many reasons. Since they’re portable, you can move them anywhere to ensure you have enough room to walk around. Carts can also act as tables, prep counters, storage racks, and fancy food-serving stations.

These Space-Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens Will Revolutionize the Way You Cook

With these 8 space-saving ideas for small kitchens, you can make your living space feel much less claustrophobic.

When you can relax, you’ll be able to focus all your energy on preparing incredible meals.

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