How to keep pests away this summer

By admin / September 26, 2019

There is no denying that most of us love the summer. It is just the best season of all. From picnics at the park to fun in the sun, trips to the beach, and lots of outdoor recreational activities, the wonderful warm temperature makes it hard to beat the beautiful summer days. Well, hard to break it but humans are not only ones who enjoy summers the most. It is also the time when there is an increase in the insect population. Insects too like warm weather. It is the time for them to reproduce as much as possible and make colonies, and in doing so, they don’t care if they invade your home or property. During such times, it becomes difficult to live in your own house. This is when you might want to consider calling a professional, such as Rove Pest Control, who deals with seasonal insects and other pests.

Fortunately, if it isn’t too late for you to call a pest control service, these tips will help you keep pests and insects at bay from your property.

#1 Seal your doors and windows

Your first line of defense against pests and insects is blocking their entry to your home. Insects can easily get through even the smallest holes and cracks. So, you need to check all your window screens for holes and fix them immediately. Moreover, look for any gaps around doors and windows. Even the smallest gaps are enough for wasps, spiders, and mosquitoes to provide an easy pathway inside your home.

#2 Eliminate areas of standing water

Standing water is the perfect spot for mosquitoes to lay eggs and make colonies. So it is important that you eliminate the areas of standing water or treat them with chemicals. Water can accumulate in the garden area around the flower pots. You need to ensure that there isn’t any water body available for insects to breed. Reduce standing water areas to the minimum, and if you have a lotus pond, you can put in some fishes, like minnows that eat mosquitoes.

#3 Maintain your yard

In order to keep the bugs in control, you need to ensure that your garden area or backyard is clean and maintained. Cut down the long branches of the trees touching your house, trim the bushes, and get rid of any of the food sources in your backyard that can attract invasive species of insects. Remove everything from your yard that is just sitting there and are of no use. The less the clutter, the less will be any bug issues.

#4 Don’t dispose of bio-degradable wastes in the open

Bio-degradable wastes such as remains of fruits and vegetables and other kitchen wastes are more inviting to some invasive species of insects and pests. Instead of throwing them in the garbage bins or just letting them rot in the open, you can use them as compost for your plants.

It is always important that you keep your surroundings clean and dispose of any wastes in the house to make sure that your house doesn’t attract any pests.


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