How To Take Instagrammable Pictures of Your Car

By admin / March 19, 2019

If you want to be able to impress your Instagram photos, simply continue reading to discover 5 fool proof tips which will teach you how to take instagram worthy photos of your beloved car.

How take instagrammable pictures of your car:

1. Find the perfect location to take photos of your car 

Instead of taking photos of your car in your garage or in a car park, try driving your car to a scenic spot. As an example, you may want to take a photo of your car at a look out point, that offers views of your city or to take photos of your car parked in-front of a scenic beach.

Just make sure that there are no other cars parked next to your car. As in order to take Instagram worthy shots of your car, it’s important to ensure that your car is the focus of your photo.

2. Try taking photos of your car from an angle 

If you were to look at a photo of a luxury car in a car magazine or a photo of a car which has been posted on Instagram by a popular influencer, there’s a high likelihood that the photo would be taken from an angle.

As a bonus, depending on the angle you will be able to show off your car’s curves and lines, depending on your car’s shape. Another idea would be to focus in on a part of your car. For example, if you were wanting to show off your car tyres you can make this part focal point of your photo. If you were looking for more on tyres, Tyre City has services including for brakes, and exhaust.

3. Make sure that your car photos are well lit 

As individuals aren’t likely to follow your Instagram account if post low quality photos on your Instagram account, it’s crucial to ensure that all of the car photos which you post to your account. One way to make sure that you post high quality images is to ensure that you take your car photos in natural sunlight, preferably in the morning or afternoon, when there is more natural sunlight.

If you want to take a photo of your car at night, make sure that there is enough lighting available to take your photo. As an example, you can take a stunning photo of a car at night, if you park your car in a well lit driveway.

4. Make sure to polish your car before you take a photo of your car for Instagram

While it may go without saying that you should wash your car, before you take a photo for Instagram, to ensure that your car looks as good as possible, it’s also a great idea to polish your car with luxury car wax, before you take your photos. So that your car will sparkle and will look like a million dollars. If you don’t want to polish your car yourself, you can also pay to get your car professionally polished. Which is a great option.

5. Consider using a tripod

If you want to be able to take perfectly still, professional shots of your car, it’s well worth investing in purchasing an inexpensive tripod, that will take your Instagram photos of your car, to the next level.

So there you have it, five fool proof tips on how to take instagrammable photos of your car that your followers will love.

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