Here Are 5 Winning Tips When Playing on Bingo Games Sites

By admin / March 20, 2020

When people think of casino games, they tend to think of games like roulette or slots. But did you know that bingo is one of the oldest casino games around?

According to some estimates, bingo originated back in 1503 when Italy used it as a makeshift lottery in town squares.

These days, you can enjoy the fun of bingo without even leaving your home. But rest assured, the winnings are very real!

Want to learn how to win bingo? Here are a few strategies you can use to perfect your online bingo game.

1. Take Advantage of Free Cards

One of the best parts about playing bingo online as opposed to in-person is that plenty of sites offer bonuses to their players. More often than not, these bonuses come in the form of daily rewards and sign-up bonuses like free cards and special discounts. These can be a great way to get started!

To maximize your bonuses, sign up through multiple sites. As for finding bingo sites, check out a reliable source like New Bingo Sites from Bingo Scanner, which is constantly updated with the latest tips and hottest new sites.

2. Play Multiple Cards at Once

Most sites will allow users to purchase multiple cards at once, just as you would if you were playing in-person.

Though playing with multiple cards at the same time does require an extra level of attention, the more cards you play, the better your chances of winning. If you’re not used to gaming with multiple cards, start small and use only two or three at once.

3. Learn The Tippett Theory

Bingo might seem like it’s all luck, but according to Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett, that might not entirely true. According to Tippett’s theory, calls gravitate toward the median number the longer a game goes on.

So, what does this mean for your bingo strategy?

Let’s say you’re playing a game where there are 100 balls, meaning the median figure is 50. You’d want to pick a card featuring numbers close to 50 according to Tippett’s theory

There is some debate about the validity of the theory, but if you’re playing on a site whose games run long, it’s worth a shot.

4. Play During off Hours

You don’t need a degree in statistics for this tip. The fewer players you’re competing against, the better your chances of scoring a victory and increasing your earnings.

While you can’t control how many players are in a room, you can increase your odds of a smaller competition pool by avoiding popular play hours. Aim to game during the early or mid-afternoon or late in the night.

5. Quit While You’re Ahead

There’s no feeling like a winning streak! By the same token, there’s nothing quite as defeating as losing your earnings.

Call it a day after a few games, even if you’re on a roll. The idea of ‘one more game’ might not seem all that harmful, but you can lose a lot of money with that mindset.

How to Win Bingo and Rake in Cash

Playing bingo online is a ton of fun. And with these tips on how to win bingo, you’ll have everything you need for a winning strategy.

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