Top 5 Tips When Bringing Your Kid To A Movie House

By admin / December 3, 2019

For your kid’s first experiences, being there is what you wish to happen, including their first visit to a movie house. Some are hesitant to bring children to movie houses, as they fear that they might act up and throw tantrums. And if they do, it is not only you but the rest of moviegoers will also be disturbed.

But of course, this must not limit or stop you from bringing them to a moviehouse and giving them the experience of watching a movie on a big screen. Just to help you lessen your fears and hesitations, below are some of the things that can give you a bit of confidence in bringing your children to a movie house.

Top 5 Tips When Bringing Your Kid To A Movie House

Choose an appropriate movie to watch

Set aside for now horror movies and action films, these may cause them trauma and fear of watching movies again. Choose kid-friendly films with slower pace for them to understand the plot and story and shorter films for them to avoid throwing tantrums and feeling bored.

Animation films are definitely a good choice for their first movie experience. Also, you may want to ask them of a movie they want to watch or you can let them watch trailers and see which among the movie caught their attention.

Skip the trailers and ads

You may know that before a movie starts, there are ads and trailers that will be shown first. Just to minimize the length of time you are in a movie house, skip all of them and enter the cinema when the movie is about to start.

You may want to ask the usherette or the ticket seller of the exact showing time so you will have an idea on what time will you enter the theater.

Bring food they will enjoy

Bring food that they would surely love like popcorn, sweets, chips or anything else of the like. The food they will eat can somehow help taming them down and minimizing the chance of boredom and tantrums.

Also, this can give them a better experience when watching movies.

Do not force it

Yes, never force them to watch a movie. If after a few minutes they start to get disoriented, throw tantrums and cry, send them out of the theater immediately. They might get scared because of the dimmed lights or they might not like the movie at all, there is always a first time, and if this did not work, you have a second and more chances. For now, let them breath, bring them home and just play online casinos or their sister sites on your phone.

Never force them to watch a movie or else, they will never go with you again, whether you invite them to watch another movie or do something else.

Bringing your children to a movie house must give them a good experience and not the other way.

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