3 Ways to Prevent Periodontitis

By admin / December 3, 2019

The first signs of one of the most common tooth disease are often mistaken for symptoms of other, less serious conditions. Usually, it starts from the sensitiveness of teeth. You know this feeling when the cold and hot foods seem to penetrate the tooth, causing discomfort, and sometimes even pain? These symptoms are often interpreted as a sensitive syndrome, while it can be the first sign of developing periodontitis.

The second one is usually the bleeding of gums. It is often the sign we take more seriously – but it can also mean that the disease is advancing. Are there any ways to prevent it? Simple steps can reduce the chance of developing the disease as well as detecting it in the initial stage.

1# Visit the dentist at least once in three months

Scheduling a visit when you already notice that something is not right is not the most excellent method to keep your teeth in good shape. The most important part of prevention is to visit the dental office regularly. This way you can detect any abnormalities in the early stage. The dentist’s trained eye will notice the things that won’t be necessarily seen or felt by you. Sometimes the pain is only the result of the advanced disease.

#2 Lead a healthy lifestyle

It’s the most underestimated way to keep your teeth healthy. Leading a healthy lifestyle may prevent the development of periodontitis. The state of one’s toothing often reflects the habits. Everyone knows that a balanced diet full of vitamins influences it in a good way while smoking and drinking together with the high consumption of sugar makes it worse. Besides, the good food choices can prevent periodontitis if combined with other good habits.

#3 Use the special toothpaste

Many products on the market can help you prevent this tooth disease. They are usually designated specifically for periodontitis. However, you can use them if you are in the risk group because of your diet, habits or health problems – diabetes or low immunity. These products will likely reduce the probability of developing the disease as well as help you fight it in the early stages.

Combining these three methods will help you prevent this problem, common even between relatively young people. As the advanced periodontitis may result in losing the teeth, it’s extremely important to take preventive steps.

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