The Big Family Move: 9 Biggest Mistakes When Moving Homes

The 9 Biggest Mistakes When Moving Homes

Are you preparing for the big family move? Moving homes can be stressful and most families make these 9 huge moving mistakes. Click here and find out what they are.

Moving can be a stressful endeavor. There are so many things to move and the pressure is on to be out before the final walkthrough.

Did you know that in a single year that over 11 percent of Americans move? This means that more than 1 out of 10 people you know are going through a move.

Despite the fact that moving is so common, many people still make big mistakes that add time and pressure. Read on to learn more about effectively moving homes. Explore 9 of the biggest mistakes that people make when moving homes.

1) Procrastination Is the Biggest Mistake When Moving Homes

The number one mistake that people make is waiting until the last minute to start packing. Many people falsely assume that they have more time than they really do.

You should start making preparations to move 60 to 90 days before the closing date. This gives you enough time to purge all your unnecessary items and pack smaller items away.

When you move, there is a list of non-packing items that you also have to do. You also need to put aside time for setting up utilities and contacting a moving company.

2) Failure to Use Off-Site Storage

Moving and storage go hand in hand. Failing to utilize off-site storage space is a common mistake that movers make.

Trying to move everything on closing day only adds to the pressure. Instead, it is a wise decision to move non-essential items to a storage space in the weeks before the closing day.

Storage space comes in many forms and all are acceptable for use. Some use their parent’s garage to store items. Others rent an air-conditioned storage facility. Either way, relieve some moving day pressure by putting items in storage.

3) Failure to Use a Dumpster

Moving is the perfect time to purge your basement, garage, and attic of unnecessary items.

While it is easy to fall victim to hoarding, moving gives you an opportunity to review your belongings.

You have a few different options at your disposal to discard junk. Start off by hosting a garage sale. This way you can turn your junk into some extra cash.

Another option is to donate your items to a local charity. The charitable organization assigns a value to your donations and you can write it off on your taxes as a deduction.

Lastly, you can simply throw the junk away. All of these options reduce the burden on moving day.

4) You Don’t Ask for Help

One of the most impactful moving mistakes is doing it alone. Every extra set of hands makes your moving operation more productive and efficient.

Now is the time to call in a favor from family members and friends. Remember that time that you helped Uncle Jimmy put down sod in his backyard? Here is the perfect opportunity for Uncle Jimmy to return the favor.

Helping friends and family goes both ways. If you are anticipating moving in the near future, make sure that you are equally available to help family and friends.

5) You Need Professional Moving Services

There are some items that family and friends cannot help with. Perhaps you have a 500-pound dresser on the second floor. Do you really want to risk your life sliding that down the stairs?

There are professional moving companies that are experts in transporting heavy furniture.

These professionals have the tools and equipment to make moving easy and productive.

Make sure to carve out a piece of your moving budget to hire professionals. This is a great way to relieve moving day pressure and keep your furniture in great condition after the move.

6) Marking Your Boxes

Many movers forget to mark their boxes and take weeks to find an important item. This is a simple task but one of the most common moving mistakes.

Organization is key to a successful move. Take a permanent marker and indicate on the box which room the items belong in. You can take it a step further by writing the important contents on the outside of the box.

This moving step takes just a few seconds for each box. It will be well worth the extra time when you instantly find the coffee maker the morning after moving.

7) Do Not Forget to Turn On the Utilities

Moving day is hard work and you are certain to be sweating. As you transport tons of belongings into your new home, the air conditioner better be on.

However, some movers fail to turn on the utilities at the new house. This means there is no electricity and your new home is going to feel like a sauna.

This is obviously amongst the biggest moving mistakes. There are few things that will send your family and friends running for the hills faster than a blistering hothouse.

8) Concurrent Closing Dates

One thing that drives moving day pressure is closing on two houses on the same day. In this case, you sell your home in the morning and then use the proceeds to buy your new home the same day.

If possible, try to make arrangements to avoid this. It adds to the pressure and reduces the amount of time you have to move.

Home closings do not always go seamlessly and a major issue could disrupt all of your plans.

Moving homes is already difficult. Alleviate some of the obstacles by arranging for closing dates on different days.

9) Choosing a Reputable Moving Company

This is one of the moving mistakes that could derail your entire day. If the moving company does a bad job, it could have lasting impacts on your new house.

Make sure to perform detailed research on the moving company that you hire. Read the terms and conditions of the contract before signing to ensure all your expectations are met.

Wrapping It Up

Moving homes can be stressful if you don’t do it right. However, adequate preparation is certain to make your life easier on moving day.

Steps, like purging junk and using off-site storage, are effective moving strategies. If you enjoyed this article about the 9 biggest mistakes when moving homes, check out our blog for other great pieces.

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