Piano & Tinypass have merged

Aug. 11, 2015: Piano Media’s Press+ has merged with Tinypass. The two pioneers in content monetization and paywall software are becoming a SaaS company specializing in advanced media business processes and online commerce optimization software.

Piano clients using the Press+ product will continue to be supported although within the next six months, most publishers will be moved to Piano’s VX platform, that features the most effective and usable monetization and analytics tools available.

Piano’s industry-leading VX software is based on a value exchange model that uses big data to segment audience and present user’s different monetization options based on their individual profiles. Further the company now offers advanced data and CRM capabilities to help content companies identify and segment their audience, enabling business models targeted to the individual user. The platform integrates easily alongside existing advertising solutions, allowing clients to optimize their mix of paid and ad-supported media.

Piano has three offices, one in New York, one in Izhvsek, Russia and the third in Bratislava, Slovakia.

For more information about Piano, please visit our website.



Our merger: how the change affects you

Aug. 11, 2015: Press+ (Piano Media) has merged with Tinypass. We will provide end users with a new Self Care Portal experience in the future. You will be receiving a future notification with details on the changes and improvements.

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