10 Cool Tech Promotional Items Worth Checking Out

By admin / June 11, 2018

10 Cool Tech Promotional Items Worth Checking Out

Promotional products don’t have to stay in the realm of pins and keychains any longer, so check out these cool tech promotional items that will please any crowd!

We universally adore freebies, especially tech promotional products. A whopping eight of 10 people own all kinds of nick-nacks gifted from various companies.

So imagine how powerful this marketing method could be if done right.

People love and need technology, and by giving potential customers something they’ll regularly use with your brand plastered all over it, you’re continually refreshing their memory of you- while doing very little work!

So, with all that in mind, let’s dive into our top ten favorite promotional giveaways!

1. A Power Bank

In this day and age, we can’t go more than ten minutes without looking at our phones. So, given their importance, there really isn’t anything more frustrating than a phone battery running flat and being without a charger.

Therefore, power banks have become increasingly popular and make for fabulous promotional gifts. So rest assured, your clients will be able to stay up and running all day long.

2. Headphones and Case

Headphones have such an annoying way of getting tangled. It doesn’t matter where you store them: your bag, your pocket, your car, they seem to always end up in a muddle!

So, by giving your prospects a set of high-quality headphones and a matching case, you’re bound to please them!

Top Tip: be sure to choose a case with a transparent top so your customers can clearly see your logo.

3. USB Stick

USB sticks are so easily lost on account of their size, so why not give your clients a branded flash drive on a keyring or bracelet. That way, your prospects can quickly lay their hands on their electronic files at a moments notice!

If you’re on the hunt for a pack of personalized USB sticks we suggest checking out this company to see what they have to offer; they have some fabulous products on their online store.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

As much as cell phone speakers have developed over the years, there’s nothing like having a portable Bluetooth speaker. That way you can be sure always to keep the party going.

Whether it be chilling on the beach, an afternoon picnic, or relaxing on holiday, your clients are bound to love this gift. Some of these speakers can play music as long as four hours when fully charged!

Hence freeing up their phones to make calls, browse facebook, or send all important business emails.

5. A Wireless Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are all the rage at the moment, especially with the gorgeous summer weather. It’s the perfect solution to taking those tricky group photos.

Like a regular camera, you can access the timer function on your phone and directly attach it to the selfie stick and snap away!

Typically, you can have your logo branded on the back of the phone holder.

6. Charging Connector Multi-Device

Out of all the products on this list, this is one of our favorites. Different charging connectors have various features. We recommend sourcing a high-quality gift that includes some of these abilities:

  • One that works for both Apple and Android devices.
  • A micro USB connector for plugging into a power source.
  • The ability to charge numerous devices simultaneously.

Top Tip: Sometimes you can purchase charging connectors that come with matching bags. These are excellent for ensuring the gift is kept safe and free of damage for a long time to come.

7. Tech Gear Organizer

Although this isn’t a tech gift, it comes pretty close, so we wanted to include it in this blog post anyway. This product is super useful, so your clients are bound to love this promotional item!

Any tech gear organizer should include space with elastic loops and mesh pockets to store the following gadgets:

  • A power bank
  • Headphones
  • A phone charger
  • A USB stick

You get the idea!

8. World Travel Charger Adapter

If you’re in the travel industry or your clients are famous for jet-setting, then a world travel charger adapter might be just the ticket.

This gift serves a practical purpose, so your clients will never have to carry an array of chargers with them ever again!

Most of these adapters work on a slider system that ensures you’ll get the necessary connection to charge your USB device no matter where you’re traveling to.

9. UV Light Phone Sanitizer

A UV light phone sanitizer is one of the pricier options. So, this might make an excellent gift for existing clientele with a proven track record of purchasing your products and services.

Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty, and this would be the perfect way of doing so.

A shocking one in six mobile devices is infected with fecal matter. How gross is that?! This is probably on account of so many of us taking our phones into the bathroom with us.

We can easily wash our hands, but we can’t so simply wash our hands. Therefore, a UV light phone sanitizer is perfect for ensuring your client’s mobile devices remain germ-free.

Top Tip: you should double check and get a phone sanitizer that’s able to charge your phone up at the same time. This feature makes the gift even handier!

Did You like These Tech Promotional Items?

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