Benefits of Buying a Car on Motability

By admin / November 14, 2019

Most developed countries have special schemes dedicated to the disabled. In the UK, one of such schemes is Motability. Motability is also a charity program. People with disabilities can use their disability benefits to lease a car, wheelchair, scooter, or any other form of vehicle that they need. There are many benefits to buying a car on Motability, some of which include the following.


Being disabled comes with its physical and mental challenges. People with disabilities usually have to rely on friends and family to move around and help with basic needs. Simple activities, such as going to the grocery store, will need a lot of planning and coordination. But with Motability, one can get a means of transportation that is both convenient and practical. Cars can be retrofitted to accommodate physical disabilities. By taking advantage of Motability, people with disabilities become empowered and independent. This alone is important to their mental state of mind. Nobody likes to feel like a liability.


There are several ways to finance a car lease. Most car financing plans though do not consider whether the owner is disabled or not. It is usually a one size fits all type of scheme. Typically, people with disabilities have a lower earning power as such; most of them rely on their disability benefits and family to survive. With Motability, people can use part of their disability benefits to get special cars such as wheelchair accessible vehicles, electrically powered wheelchair or even a brand new car and still have enough to live on. And just because one has a disability doesn’t mean they have to settle for a boring-looking car. Sandown-Group, a reputable authorized Mercedes Benz dealer is in partnership with Motability. With Sandown, it is possible to get a classy Mercedes that is wheelchair accessible and has other accessories.


Motability is all about making life easier for people with disabilities. A dedicated staff is assigned to each customer from start to finish. They will be guided on how to choose the right car, what accessories to include, how to set up the financing agreement, and any other relevant information the customer might need. The vehicle is then delivered at home. But it doesn’t stop there. With a reputable partner such as Sandown, there is always an after-sale service.

Insurance and Maintenance Included

Every vehicle needs to be maintained and also insured. In the UK, car insurance is mandatory, and people with disabilities are not exempted from this either. Motability offers inclusive insurance and regular maintenance package to all its customers. At Sandown, not only is Mercedes Benz sold, but licensed professionals also service them. Customers who use Sandown get an all-round package from owning a car to having it insured, and maintained without breaking the bank. It is a one-stop-shop.


Motability makes lives easy for its customers. Rather than spending from hard-earned lifetime savings, a person with a disability could quickly become independent by buying a car on Motability and never have to worry about losing the vehicle or going broke.


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