Which Used Car Do You Need – An Important Checklist to Follow

By admin / August 13, 2019

A used car can be a great option to buy when you want to save some money on car purchase. It can fulfill the ambition of owning a car for many middle class people lacking the big budget for a new car purchase. However, even before you start looking for one of your choice, you have to consider what you actually need from the vehicle. Here are some top questions that you should ask yourself.

Have I made a background check?

It is essential for you to carry out a Revs check NSW and Car History Inspection on the used car of your choice, which can offer you various details like ANCAP Safety and emission ratings, Flood and storm damage check, odometer reading comparison, First sale information, Registration details, Official PPSR Certificate, Vehicle financial liability check, Written-off check, Stolen vehicle check and many more.

What are my important requirements?

You have to be very clear about what your needs are? Are you trying to look for a stylish sports car that turns heads and makes you the center of attraction? Or do you need a car that runs at a cheap operational cost? Or is it supposed to come with lots of room for the entire family. It is vital that you make such considerations. For instance, if you are planning to grow your family, a two-seater convertible will not be a practical option.

What do I need the car to do?

Would you like to use the car for some specific activity, such as fitting into a tiny space or towing a trailer? Your expectation from the car would determine what you need it for.

How long would you drive it for?

Would you take the car out for longer motorway trips or for short drives to or across the city? Do you want the car to be capable of running through motorway at high speed without straining?

Diesel or Petrol?

You have to also consider which one is better to go for, based on your budget and situation, diesel or petrol? Diesel cars are usually pricier at the refilling station when compared to petrol. The type of fuel that you would like to use can make a major difference to which model you would choose in the long run.

How much boot space do I need?

If you set out for trips often or have to take some important equipment along, you have to consider how much boot space you need. It could be that you would like to take along a wheelchair or sports equipment in your car and a huge boot space can be very assistive on that end.

Do I need an eco-friendly vehicle?

If you are planning to save on fuel costs as well as do your bit as a responsible citizen for the improvement of the climate, you would like to go for an electric car or hybrid car. Although these are more expensive to begin with, some of these are available with grants from the Federal Government. For instance, the BMW i3 comes with a grant of £5,000.


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