What to Wear to an Autumn/Winter Wedding?

By admin / November 13, 2019

While most couples choose to get married during the summer months, there’s something magical about tying the knot in autumn and winter. However, as magical as it can be, deciding what to wear as a guest to an autumn or winter wedding can be tricky.

The weather is obviously a lot colder, meaning you’ll need to concentrate on an outfit that keeps you warm. To give you a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some great ideas on what to wear for a wedding during the colder months.

Don’t rule out wearing a dress

As the weather is a lot colder in the autumn and winter months, you might be deterred from wearing the usual dress code. However, just because it’s colder doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress to this season’s weddings. You’ll just need to make a few tweaks to make it more comfortable.

For example, you could invest in a knitted dress to ensure you’re warmer. You can also layer it with a cardigan or smart winter coat, which brings us onto the next tip…

Focus on layers

The key to staying warm while looking stylish in the colder months, is to layer your outfit. This is an especially great tip to follow if you have a wedding to attend to.

You may find that it’s colder during the ceremony, but then by the time you get your dancing shoes on at the reception, you’re suddenly much hotter. So, having layers you can put on and take off as the temperature changes is a good idea.

If you don’t want to wear a dress, you can opt for something like a jumpsuit which is much warmer and more practical for an autumn or winter wedding.

Glam up your look

It’s not just your outfit you need to consider. You’ll also want to focus on your hair and makeup. If you can afford to, it’s worth getting your hair and make-up applied professionally. To complete the look, why not consider improving the appearance of the teeth?

A good smile is essential for the photos that will inevitably be taken throughout the day. If you can’t afford professional veneers or teeth whitening, why not invest in clip-ons? You’ll find the veneers price for these is much lower than the ones you have fitted at the dentist.

These are just some of the ways you can ensure you look great while remaining comfortable at an autumn or winter wedding.


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