What Does The Latest MG Range Suggest For The Future?

By admin / June 21, 2018

It may have taken the intervention of the Chinese, but MG is slowly returning to form. The latest releases from the manufacturer are looking like being positive steps back into an already crowded market, and the ambition is clear to see. MG have a long history, but they were running at a definite loss when the company was bought out by the Shanghai-based SAIC Motor all the way back in 2005. Although the Chinese company may have had hopes that the Britishness of the MG would be enough to allow for big steps into the SUV market, the growth has taken some time to gain momentum. However, the current range is showing that MG is not just back, but also looking forward to making it one of the most interesting car options in 2018. Here’s how.

The MG ZS  

If you’re looking for an indication of the new direction that MG is heading in, then look no further than the MG ZS. Not only is it a much more shapely vehicle that its competitors, but it also includes an entirely new grille design that absolutely helps it to stand out. The overall design of the ZS is a major shift for the car brand and is centered around the concept of ‘emotional dynamism’ and a strive to move forward, which is essential for any company. A delightful blend of the classic MG look with an updated and contemporary feel, the ZS is perhaps the biggest indicator of the fresh new direction that MG is headed in, and suggests bold decisions for the future of the range. Click here if you want to find out more.

The MG3

There are a few reasons why the MG3 is causing such a stir in the car market. Despite some consistent issues such as the need to push hard for revs and the subsequent issues with overtaking, many of the problems have been negated by the incredible volume of the interior space. Combined with the fact that the MG3 has managed to obtain that much-valued Group 4E insurance rating, it’s obvious that the affordability will make it much more attractive for those browsing the current new car options. MG are clearly targeting the younger market, and the value of the MG3 may be the deciding factor when it comes to further growth for MG as a whole.


Unfussy and unpretentious would perhaps sum up the GS, and that’s a good thing. As an entry-level vehicle, the GS is a solid option that is packed with all of the extras and gadgets that you’d hope for from MG. It’s spacious and practical on the inside, which are vital considerations when buying a new car. It also drives reliably and is excellent value for money due to what it offers. It does exactly what it says it’s going to do, and perhaps that’s the strongest indication of where the MG range is headed.

MG are decidedly back. It may have taken some time to get things even close to being right, but it seems that the combination of low-cost Chinese manufacturing and British design have resulted in a reliable, stylish, and fun range that is priced exactly right.

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