How to Travel the World With No Money: 7 Saving and Budgeting Tips

By admin / June 19, 2018

How to Travel the World With No Money: 7 Saving and Budgeting Tips

Are you struggling to save for travel? What if you have a trip booked but can’t afford it? If you want to know how to travel the world with no money, here are 7 saving and budgeting tips.

Has it always been your dream to travel the world? To experience different cultures, foods, and discover new lands? For most, traveling is an unattainable luxury. With flight prices on the rise and inflexible work schedules traveling seems impossible.

What if I told you that traveling did not have to be impossible? That, in fact, it was easy and affordable? Don’t laugh! There are hundreds of budgeting tips out there that can teach you how to travel the world with no money. These tips have helped hundreds of others save money on travel and they could help you, too!

If you’d like to learn how you can travel the world on a budget, follow along! We’ve curated the best tips into this list to get you a jump start on your next journey.

How To Travel The World With No Money

In order to travel the world on a budget, you need to be committed. These tips are not for the faint of heart. They take planning and dedication. But if traveling is your dream, implementing these tips in your daily life should be easy peasy.

1. Cut Unnecessary Expenses

If you take the train to work every morning but are only on it to save yourself three blocks of walking, walk! Three blocks won’t kill you. As a matter of fact, they’ll help you be more fit! If on this same walk to work you stop by Starbucks to get your daily coffee fix, stop yourself. Making your own cup of coffee at home or at work costs a fraction of the cost of one sugary Starbucks drink.

Along the same lines, try to eat out less. Eating out is incredibly expensive when you consider the fact that cooking your own meals is significantly cheaper than ordering takeout. When you’re doing these things every day or multiple times a day, they add up! It’s a great saving technique, and you can apply it to any unnecessary expense in your life such as an unused landline, excessive clothes purchases, and so much more.

2. Track Your Spending

Bust out a pen and paper because you’ll be tracking your spending down to the dollar. After every paycheck, set aside the exact amount of money you will need for the week. Write down exactly what you expect to spend and on what to keep yourself accountable, and don’t forget your credit card! Even the best credit cards in Canada require checking and budgeting.

At the end of the week, review your list and add any extra entries. Revise it and recognize where you’ve overspent or if you’ve bought something you could live without. If you notice you’re spending a big chunk on alcohol, eating out, entertainment or snacks reevaluate your spending.

You should be concentrating on paying your bills and saving everywhere else possible, even if it means fewer ladies or guys night out per week.

3. Earn A Little Extra On The Side

Getting a second job can be a great way to save money. There are thousands of online jobs you can do comfortably from your own home that do not require much or any training. If you save all the earnings you make from this second job, you’ll be on your way to a tropical destination in no time.

If working a second job will not work for your schedule, consider using the sharing economy as a source of revenue. Here’s a great list of how the sharing economy works and how you can profit from it.

4. Decrease Your Fixed Spending

The largest chunk of your paycheck usually covers rent, utilities, and other necessary expenses. Finding ways to cut these expenses down can be a huge time saver when it comes to booking your next flight. For instance, finding a roommate can be a great way to cut your rent in half!

Additionally, you can try to reduce the amount you spend on utilities by turning off lights, taking shorter showers, being more conscious of laundry loads, and washing dishes by hand. All of these practices will help you meet your monetary goals.

5. Cancel Unwanted Memberships

If you have an expensive gym membership but only go once a month, maybe it’s best to think about whether you should keep it or not. As a rule of thumb, calculate how much each visit costs you based on the membership cost and the average amount of times you go. If you wouldn’t pay that at the door every time you go to the gym, it’s time to cancel it.

Same goes for cable, subscription boxes, and other monthly or annual subscription services. If you don’t need it and are not using it to its fullest potential, cancel it!

6. Buy Second-Hand

If you’ve never delved into second-hand shopping, you’ll be surprised to find out you can get brand new or almost new clothes, books, furniture, and other household items for cheap. It’s a great way to save money if you need to spruce up your wardrobe or need anything around the house.

7. Steer Clear From Financially Irresponsible People

The worst thing you can do when trying to figure out how you can travel the world with no money is hang out with financially irresponsible people. Watching them attend all the good parties, have fun every weekend, and splurge on fancy dinners and clothes can destroy all your hard work. Just for a while, keep to yourself and watch your savings grow!

Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to travel the world with no money doesn’t have to be hard or impossible. It takes dedication, patience, and time but with these virtues, it can be done. Taking the time to implement these tips into your daily routine will guarantee the growth of your travel funds.

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