TitleCard Capital on the Skills You Need to be an Investment Manager

By admin / January 19, 2019

Working as an investment fund manager is a very high pressured, rewarding and exciting job which will enable you to use all of your financial skill and savvy. These jobs are few and far between which is why the right candidate must possess the right skillset in order to be successful in the industry. To understand further about what kind of skills an investment manager needs, along with what kind of roles they will have we spoke to the team at TitleCard Capital who were able to share with us some further details.

Roles and Responsibilities

The key roles and responsibilities within this line of work are to look after the investors in the firm, look for new investors for the fund and to manage relationships across the fund. You will have to meet with investment managers, analysts and make smart financially based decisions.


You must possess a certain joie de vivre in order to be successful in this job position and confidence really is key to your success. You must be confident when speaking about your fund, you must have the confidence to speak with investors and stakeholders of all levels with ease, and you must have great faith in your on abilities.


It probably goes without saying but numbers really have to be your thing if you want to work within this kind of job role, in fact in any role within an investment fund. Whist most of the data crunching will be carried out by analysts, you still need to understand all of the literature and documentation which you are presented with. You must also be able to hold your own in meetings with both investors and with your own team which is why you need to know your numbers.

Sales Person

Investors with capital can invest their money anywhere that they see fit, they can buy property, they could buy stocks and shares or they could invest in a different fund, your job is to convince them to invest in yours. In order to do this you must have great sales ability and skills, and you must be able to work with your investors to promote what you are doing in a way that they buy in, quite literally.


The skills around building a relationship such as communication and interpersonal skills are absolutely vital and the large majority of your role as an investment manager will be to manage relationships. Beyond the results that your team delivers for your investors you must have a great relationship with them whereby they trust both you and your company. Healthy relationships lead to more clients and more financial backing which ultimately is your greatest responsibility within this role.

Finally you should have a real passion for finance and for making money, without this you will lose credibility when speaking with clients.

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