Dr. Ryan Shephard – The Skills Which Found His Success

By admin / January 19, 2019

If you are dreaming of one day becoming a doctor then you should look to learn from the inspirational people who have done so before you. My old roomie Dr. Ryan Shephard is most certainly that person, man who started in emergency rooms engaging in CPR on arrested patients who then went on to become a super star oncologist and finally leading his own small group of charges in the research and development which has helped thousands of cancer patients. This is certainly an inspiration and someone who you should look to learn from and here are the skills which got him to where he is today.


Ryan always knew that he would get to where he is now but he also knew that it would take a lot of patience. Promotions aren’t always available for you in a hospital but if you continue to do your job well and deliver results, it will come. From the ER to oncology and beyond, Ryan knew that if he waited for his shot, that it would eventually come around.


Ryan was always very good and building and maintaining relationships which is certainly a party of how he got to where he is. Ryan would always build ups  great rapport with the heads of the board and the key decision makers in the hospital, as well as with each and every nurse, attendant and resident. Many doctors have a stand-offish nature but not Dr. Shephard.


Once he had picked his speciality he would work around the clock to ensure that he would be the very best oncologist that he could be. This hard work lead him to learn clinical trials, institutions who were doing the best work and ultimately it is what got him the gig at the research and development center. This hard working attitude meant that he was more than happy to put the study time in.


There is a lot more emphasis which hospitals now put on customer service, so to speak, than ever before. This means that hospitals no longer simply want you to cure the patient, they also want you to make them feel safe and welcome. The key to this is great communication and it is about giving them enough knowledge so that they know what is going on, but not too much so that they will be worried. Ryan was always a great communicator and he was always very good and making the patients feel comfortable.


Beyond any other attributes, Ryan is a damn fine doctor and that is why he was able to reach the heights that he has. Using his natural talent he was able to add further skill and flair to that which is how he has been able to help so many patients over the years. Above all else you must have the raw skill to be a great doctor.

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