Shared, VPS, Cloud: 3 Types Of Web Hosting

Shared Server Hosting

As the name of the service suggests, you share a server with other websites if you subscribe to a shared server hosting service, but you still run independently from each other.


  • Usually the cheapest and most economical option, which is great for small businesses who are only starting out. The average price of a shared server hosting service is between $2.99 and $9.99.
  • A shared server hosting service comes with a built-in cPanel, which is an online Linux-based control panel for web hosts. This feature gives you a graphical interface and automation tools that make it easier and simpler to manage your website.
  • A shared hosting service is the most limited, but its simplicity and cheap price make it a great place to start.


  • The performance of your website will suffer as the traffic it receives begins to increase.
  • Compared to the other hosting service options, a shared server hosting offers the least customization.
  • A shared server hosting service also has a slower load time than other hosting service options.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

A virtual private server or VPS is a physical server that allows different users to share its services, e.g. operating system, bandwidth, and disc space. A VPS is the right balance between a shared and a dedicated server, which means you get to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server without its high costs.


  • Compared to a dedicated server, a VPS is a lot cheaper.
  • Most VPS hosts offer different packages at different price points, so you can choose the type of services that you’re willing to pay for. In other words, a VPS is highly customizable.
  • Unlike a shared server, a VPS can keep up with your website traffic. The performance of your website won’t suffer as it grows.


  • A VPS is more expensive than a shared server, which is a huge drawback if your website isn’t a profit-earning channel.
  • A small and inexperienced VPS host might oversell its servers, which can lead to misallocation of resources. So, make sure you choose a hosting service that knows what they’re doing.

Cloud Server Hosting

A VPS and a cloud server are pretty much the same, except the latter’s resources are in separate physical machines. Among these physical machines, there is pretty much an unlimited set of virtual machines.


  • A cloud server hosting service is perfect for those who have multiple networks. Because the cloud server is practically a huge VPS, you have enough resources that can handle high traffic, so your websites won’t (if not rarely) have poor performance.
  • A cloud server is highly customizable, even more so than a VPS.
  • You don’t need to worry about server failures. Because a cloud server is web-based, you’ll simply be switched to another server.


  • Even though a cloud server is highly customizable, adjusting the settings might be difficult since you are working with a wide network.
  • A cloud server is secure but is still prone to attacks since it is web-based. Therefore, choose a cloud server hosting service that has impeccable security measures.

The kind of hosting service you choose depends on your needs. Luckily, Memset has hosting solutions that will fit your every need.

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