Outdoor Activities This Spring 2018

Spring is the season when nature is in bloom! Don’t miss the great outdoors! It is time to enjoy nature at its best by going out either on your own or with family. Wondering which outdoor activities’ you can enjoy this spring? Take a look at some simple but fun activities below.


Want to admire scenic views? The best way to do so is going on a hike! Hiking is an inexpensive outdoor activity accessible to all ages. Select trails that are meant for families or pick those which are more adventurous and challenging if you are an experienced hiker. Some trails take you on a tour of wildlife preserves, while others take you to popular tourist centres. Looking for more fun? Opt for longer hikes and get closer to nature!

Picnic at the Park

What a better way to enjoy the lovely weather than a nice picnic? Pick your picnic basket, a mat and other necessary item to set out for a lush green park or lawn where you can picnic with your family. As menu, bring along fruits, beverages or sandwiches. Enjoy a light but delicious meal while basking in the sunlight. Spice it all up by bringing a radio or sound system along. Sing along to some of your favourite tunes while lying down on the mat! Plus, enjoy online this spring by joining Lucky Pants Bingo from any device and claim a free £5 no deposit bingo bonus and 20 free spins upon your successful registration.

Visit a Farm

Do you live near a farm? Don’t be shy to go there for a visit! Go for some of the family farms found in rural areas. How about a place like Spring Barn Farm in East Sussex? Get the chance to see and feed different animals like geese, ducks or hens. Not scared of cattle? You can also learn how to milk a cow or give it a bath. Together with your family, make the most of vast play areas often found around a farm, where kids can have lots of fun. In this way, enjoying nature is also about coming closer to animals.

Fat Biking

Have you ever tried fat biking? A fat bike is actually an off-road bicycle with oversized tires which allows you to bike on soft unstable terrain like snow, sand or mud. Even if it is mostly used in winter, it can also be used on muddy springtime trails. Special trails are not needed for it, so you can ride it on pedestrian trails or in the same areas as mountain bikes. Time to explore nature on a bike!


Planning for a camping trip? The best time to do so is spring! Bring along a few friends of yours or that special someone. How about organising a little campfire in the evening? Bring along some basic grill tools and chop wood to make a fire and roast food on it. Bake bread, make kebabs or barbecue while your friends chat among themselves or sing and dance. After a delicious meal, enjoy some hot cocoa and marshmallows. Feel the sense of adventure as you gather around a campfire in the woods!

These are only some ideas of how you can enjoy this spring season. There are of course many other ways you can make the most of spring in 2018!

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