Renewing The Romance In Your Relationship After Kids

By admin / March 28, 2018

Love is ever expanding. It has room for your partner and your children, and for more still! Our time is finite, which is why it can easily feel like the romance has withered away in your relationship. Not to fret, however, as this is not an indication of how you feel about each other, but more about how you see each other (in the role of the parent), how much time you have left after work and the kids, and your energy levels. To renew your romance all it takes is following these tips:

Make the Bedroom More Exciting

It can be a bit nerve-wracking if your children share a wall with you, but that doesn’t mean that your sex life should suffer. You can try out toys, role-playing, penis enlargement therapies from, and more. Save them for days when your children are at a sleepover to give yourselves space to really have fun and make date night in something special.

Tip: Get out of your mom-clothes (and vice versa) and put on something nice. You would be amazed at how seeing your spouse in clothes you often see when around the kids can kill any romantic mood. Even if you two don’t leave the house, put that extra bit of effort in and it will pay off. 

Designate Date Night

The first thing that all relationships, whose spark has withered, needs is to designate date night. For your child’s sake, make it a regular event, for your sake, make it fun. Go out and have fun as an adult. Dress up for each other, flirt with each other, woo each other. It might feel silly but all most relationships need to get the spark back is to focus on the romantic aspect of your relationship.

Tip: If in doubt, learn something new together, either from a class, travel, or even reading the same book. Doing this can help you share in an experience and become closer as a result.

Tips for the Kids

If so far all you have done is go out on family outings, the shift in both of you spending alone time together can be confusing for your children. That is why you should try to stick with a routine for your spontaneous adventures, or, in other words, book off a Friday night every week and hire the same babysitter. In fact, making time to renew your relationship can set a great role model for your children, who will use you as an example of enduring love that their own relationships should have in the future. Don’t be afraid because they don’t understand at first, explain you need “Mommy-Daddy” time and make it a regular, normal event.

Your children do not and really should not be there for every part of your lives, and so too should you not be there for every part of theirs. For them, it’s to help them learn and become independent. For you, it’s to have a role and a view of yourself as a woman, rather than as a mother. Life is all about balance, and achieving this balance will ensure a great relationship with both your partner and your children.

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