Nine University Reviews – What to Look For In Reviews For Online Courses

By admin / January 28, 2020

When people are on the lookout for online courses to try out it is essential that they spend the right amount of time on researching each option that they have before deciding. The reason for this is very simple, there is a wide range of options for online learning but there is a large difference in the quality that each option can offer. One excellent resource for finding out more information is online reviews, which can provide a lot of excellent information. Looking at Nine University as an example, who offer an excellent business course, we can see that the Nine University reviews online are detailed and written by those who have experienced the course first hand. When looking through these reviews, here is what people should be looking out for.


It is all well and good reading through a positive review about the experience that a certain person has had when studying a particular course, but if it is the only one that is talking in that way then that would be a cause for concern. What people should be looking for is repetition and consistency in the reviews, negatives being repeated would indicate that there are some drawbacks, positive feedback being repeated is a great sign that people can expect to have the same experience during their time studying.


Something else which people should keep a keen eye out for is that there are a number of reviews that have been left. When it comes to things such as buying products online, it is more likely that reviews will be left by those who weren’t happy, rather than by those who are. Having said this, when it comes to online education we see that more people are happy just to share their experience, regardless of whether it was good or bad. The upshot of this is that we should expect there to be many reviews written by ex-students about online courses, if there isn’t then the few reviews that there are could be brought into question.

Success Stories

Most reviews will have highlighted certain success stories as a result of what people have done since the course, and these naturally are very inspiring and motivating. If however there is only one or 2 of these incredible stories then their validity may be questionable. To go back to that Nine University example, they have a great many success stories on there which is why so many people buy into what that course can do. Success stories are great, but only if they are accurate.


Not all courses online have the option to get in touch with someone for support when it is needed. This makes it very difficult for students who are struggling, and everyone should at least have the option to email or message someone to help them. This is often discussed in online reviews, and it is an area which should be focussed on when reading through various reviews.

Reviews are the key to learning more about certain courses and this is the main information which should be looked into.


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