4 B2C Digital Marketing Tools That Can Impact Your Business Positively

By admin / January 22, 2020

Businesses have always thrived on being seen and known. In this era where the internet, to a large extent, has evened the playing field of advertising, it is important to familiarise oneself with the tools and strategies that can help in positively impacting your business. As a B2C enterprise, the goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible. If you’re running a B2C business, described below are four digital marketing tools that will help you to create maximum impact online.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing is one of those tools that you should strategically implement in the digital marketing of your products and services as early as you can. Email marketing helps to promote business via emails, which can be in the form of:

· Newsletter:

· Promotional Offers

· eBooks

· Links to blog posts

The fact that an internet user clicks on your web page is a sign that they have a level of interest in your business. Getting them to subscribe to a weekly or monthly newsletter and updates increase the chance that they will patronise your business. Not only that, it generates website traffic which can, in turn, help in making your business gain more visibility. Some email marketing services include MailChimp, Sender, GetResponse, and so on.


Mobile Advertising 


Mobile advertising is a digital marketing tool that has changed the game for a lot of businesses. The ability to reach individuals in your target audience directly through their mobile device is an option you cannot stand to ignore as a business owner. Data shows that individuals are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. Situating your business in such a way that it benefits from this can boost not just visibility and website traffic but sales too.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is a means of driving traffic to your business website by optimizing keywords related to your brand. People search for things on the internet because they want to find them. Someone out there is looking to find the products and services that you offer. Hence applying strategic SEO practices in your business can increase sales and bring in new customers from places you never imagined. SEO strategies are put in place to help your target customer find your business. A well-crafted SEO strategy makes it easier for your business to be found. Some SEO tools include KeywordTool, Yoast SEO, Google Search Console, amongst others.


Google Analytics


Through Google Analytics software, it has become easier to track where traction to your website is coming from. The application helps you monitor and manage your digital marketing practices in order for you to make the best advertising decisions for your business. Google Analytics is a game-changer when it comes to tracking website traffic progress, and on Broadplace, you can learn much more about it.


Regardless of your business niche, a good number of the individuals in your target audience can be reached using these four tools. Hence, as a B2C enterprise, these digital marketing tools should not be ignored as they prove worthy means of advertising and connecting to a much wider audience than traditional means of advertising possibly can. For more information, insight and enquiries on digital marketing for your business, visit Broadplace today.

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