Why Diamonds Are Not Costly Anymore

By admin / January 28, 2020

Are you thinking of buying a piece of jewelry with a diamond on it? Lucky you, diamonds are not that costly nowadays. Unlike before, the thought of buying a diamond will intimidate you. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the cost often gets in the way.

However, jewelry experts and reputable dealers say that diamonds are no longer expensive. According to reports, one of the top diamond producers in the world, Anglo American’s De Beers, has just the lowest sales of diamonds for its seventh cycle since it started publishing data in 2016.

So why are diamonds not hard to buy anymore? Is the demand for diamonds getting lesser than before? Or is it more practical to buy wholesale diamonds today? Read more to find out.

Top Reasons Why Diamonds Are Less Costly Nowadays

1. Diamonds are not rare. The phrase “diamonds are rare” is a myth debunked. Decades ago, many people consider a diamond as highly valuable because they thought it is rare. However, if you just pay attention to countless engagements nowadays, you will notice that most engagement rings highlight a diamond or a series of diamonds. This alone is a good proof that diamonds are not rare. It is actually the most popular gemstone ever.

2. Customers have more knowledge. Because the internet and social media have inexhaustible information, jewelry buyers are getting more knowledgeable. Also, before they go to the store, they have already done their homework and are no longer hesitant to ask for more options.

3. Wholesale diamonds are a thing now. You may wonder why you would purchase wholesale diamonds when you only want one diamond for your ring. Well, the answer is obvious. Wholesale diamonds are much cheaper.

Here is the point. When you buy a wholesale diamond, you are not really getting large quantities of diamonds; instead, you are just paying a similar rate that local retailers disburse. Usually, customers looking for loose diamonds—the outcome that came from a mined rough diamond—are often introduced to buying “wholesale.” You can discuss this option with your trusted jeweler.

4. Customers are opting for synthetic diamonds. The natural diamonds are very expensive, but lab-grown synthetic diamonds are now becoming a great alternative. You can get the same sparkle at a much lower price with lab-grown diamonds.

Ready to consider getting wholesale diamonds? Don’t hesitate! A diamond’s cost is not forever high.


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