How to Improve Your Life: Tips and Tricks for Thriving

By admin / January 31, 2019

People have always been trying to discover the secret of a good life. The ancient Greeks thought deeply about this too. Aristotle concluded that “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy, but once you learn how, you will be much happier. Read on to learn how to improve your life and thrive.

Eat Wisely

Your mind and body is the product of millions of years of evolution. For most of that time, getting enough calories was a daily struggle. Modern lifestyles in developed countries provide too much sugar.

The consequences of consuming too many calories are obesity, heart disease, and stroke. With almost 10% of the adult population of the world being overweight it’s really a crisis for the world.

Improve your life by learning about nutrition and change your eating habits. Eat mostly fruit and low carbohydrate vegetables. If you eat meat, choose oily fish and white meat and avoid red processed meat.


Because we have evolved to live on fewer calories than we typically get and to hunt and gather food we need to use more calories in our daily life. This means exercising to burn calories.

Starting to exercise is good for us physically but there is another benefit. Our bodies give us a psychological payoff for exercising.

Our bodies produce chemicals that are released into our bloodstream that make us feel good. These endorphins help us handle pain better, reduce stress, and make us feel great. Eating well and taking exercise means we have more energy to enjoy the good life.

Take Up Mindfulness

Looking after your mental health is important. It’s as important as your physical health.

You may be familiar with the current interest in mindfulness. This is not just a modern fad. Mindfulness practices have been a feature of Buddhism and other belief systems for thousands of years.

Take time every day to meditate. Simply focusing on your breath for a few minutes a day can be helpful to reduce stress and anxiety. Attend a class or use a meditation app to develop better technique.

Manage Your Time

Do you ever feel excited about snapping up a bargain or getting a discount when you buy something? You feel this way because you are getting more for your limited money.

Your time is limited too. You only have so many hours in the day and who knows how many days you have? Making more of that time is exciting too.

Learn to manage your time. Work out what is important to you and make sure that you give plenty of time to those things. Work out what is urgent and do those things before the others.

Give it some thought and you may conclude that how you spend your time now doesn’t reflect your real priorities. Do you spend enough time with your friends and family? Are your financial goals being marginalized in favor of social media browsing?

It may be time to start to spend less time on Facebook and focus more on the dow chart today.

Never Stop Learning How to Improve Your Life

Living a better life is a process of personal development. Treat it as a project with no end. There will always be opportunities to learn how to improve your life.

Learn more and you’ll find you can get even more control of your wellbeing.

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