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2019 Should be the Year You Take Care of Your Mental Health

By admin / January 4, 2019

If you take a look around, you will notice that there have been huge strides of ridding the world from the stigma associated with mental illness. We can all agree that while there is still work to be done, this is fantastic news. Just as you treat your physical health, it is equally important to take proper care of your mental health. Talking about your mental health is no longer taboo and hence people nowadays can talk pretty openly about their mental health and about their therapy. There are already several celebrities who are starting to open up about their mental health issues (we see you Michael Phelps). This has become a trend…finally.

Now that we’ve stepped in 2019 and bid goodbye to 2018, don’t you think this should be the year of curing all of your mental woes? Although there are many different articles and guides that will tell you about the ways in which you can take care of your mental health, here is a list of the unique steps that you can actively take.

#1: Take a mental health day off whenever you need it

You will know whenever you need a mental health day off as your own body will prompt you to take such a step. There will be days when you will feel more productive and there will also be days when you won’t feel productive at all. When you give yourself time to recharge and relax, your immune system will get time to rejuvenate and relax. If you take a mental health day off at the right time, this will bar you from taking an unplanned sick day leave later on.

#2: Don’t watch Netflix before bed

In case you’ve lost track of the nights on which you’ve binged-watched your favorite series before going to bed, you should try something different now. Watching TV or fidgeting with your phone before going to bed is bad for your eyes and for your mental health. Hence, you should try something different. You can read a book or a journal, or take a bath or call and talk to your mom before going to bed. These are just some examples of good practices you should be undertaking.

#3: Take 5-10 minutes off to meditate

Meditation is one of the easiest thing that you can do in order to calm down your mind regardless of whether you suffer from any mental health issue or not. Don’t expect that you will reach any stage of enlightenment and complete bliss; rather, take it slow and focus on a single thing like your breathing process. Something so small as meditation can really make a huge impact on your overall mental health. If you run into problems meditating, there are several meditation apps like Calm or Headspace that are worth serious consideration. It costs a few dollars per month but it’s well worth the money.

Remember, taking care of your mental health is paramount, so make sure you get professional help or you take the above mentioned steps for a better overall quality of life.

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