Could You Become The Next Roger Wolfson?

By admin / July 3, 2020

So your still furloughed? Covid -19 is showing no signs of letting up and you are getting a little fed up by the repetitive binge watching of box sets streaming from your program providers and a constant state of apathy. Stumbling across an article featuring ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Saving Grace’ screenwriter, Roger Wolfson, claimed that to some of its recipients, a heightened sense of creativity can affect those who bank up high daily figures of their box set viewings.

So to this effect, I took the opportunity to follow some online seminars and discovered some interesting reasons why the ardent TV fanatic might benefit from starting to write their own scripts rather than just follow someone else’s.

Closer look at your box sets

Script writing makes you appreciate the craft more and attain a deeper appreciation of your favorite TV shows. By focusing your attention specifically as to how others write, it offers a new dimension to your old favorite shows. Charlie Brooker once claimed his jealousy towards those who haven’t seen ‘The Wire’ yet since the appreciation was so deeply affecting the first time he saw it; he would love to revisit that sensation.

Increased cognitive benefits

Writing scripts increases cognitive benefits to the brain by activating your memory and empathy. Since script writing, compared with simply writing stories, is a far more restricted to the dialogue than the internal moods and thoughts of characters, it creates a tension in the need to be understood and what the characters are trying to convey. In doing so this leads some to suggest that it increases people’s mental capacity for focus and empathy in real life conversations, owing to the realization of universal truths that we are beholden to the restrictions of language and must pay close attention to our conversations to unpack the deeper meanings behind what is said.

It’s Fun!

Not only is learning a new skill a positive undertaking but it’s also a lot of fun. Joining seminars and discussing your work can lead to new interactions and friendships from a shared community of practice. Imagine unpicking the virtues of ‘Breaking Bad’ and having your ideas challenged so you have a new perspective on your cherished television show? Furthermore, having your unique perspective listened to and referred back to, is a great confidence boost.

New career options

There’s little surprise in knowing that scriptwriting is an extremely difficult job to attain but that shouldn’t put off anyone from doing this. If something is hard to achieve, it must be worth the effort to get there. But it’s also worth noting the significance of scriptwriting in improving ones’ abilities in communication and focus. Since copy and content are foundational to our online lives, having the ability to condense information in concise and registrable formats is hugely beneficial to many job roles.

Even if you have never written before, use this time wisely and have a go at something new.

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