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Essay writing is an integral part of your education. You start writing essays from preliminary education to higher studies… According to education experts, “essays are one of the best mediums to increase your creative writing skills. An essay portrays your personal outlook. It helps teacher to evaluate a student thinking power and his/ her thoughts.”

Though, writing essays is a part of literature but schools and colleges take it to competition view.  Today, no schools and colleges are left that encourage students to participate in an essay writing competition. Students who win such competitions are considered wise and appreciated by teachers. So, students if you really want to give a boost to your academic performance, you have to score well in essay writing.  Remember, God has given same brain power to all human beings, now it is simply depends on you how much you are able to apply your brain.  Essay writing needs practice, creative thinking and the right guidance. You can find all sorts of help at, essaygeeks.co.uk to boost your writing capability. Below are also some tips to consider.

The first point to consider is the topic of your essay. For example, if you are required to writing an essay over science, you can choose the current topic such global warming, space age or something unique that throb the mind of readers.

Once you have decided the topic, the time has come up when you need to go through the detail of that topic. Take help of magazines and visit library to collect informative information.

The third point is creating an attractive title that triggers readers to go through the topic detail.  

The fourth thing to consider is that your essay should be point to point and free from flowery words. Unnecessary usage of vast words can make your article dull. It fails to engage readers.

The fifth thing to take adherence is to use crispy sentences. Too long or too short sentences can confuse readers.

The sixth thing to know is that avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Grammar is the base of successful essay writing. It harms the quality of your article. No matter how well you have chosen your topic, grammar and spelling errors lose to make you winner.

The last but not the least point to notice is that your essay should contain some examples to make it interesting. 

So, if you are looking to improve your essay writing consider these tips. They will help you be more productive and successful with your writing!

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