Basics Which All Beauty Clinics Must Have

By admin / May 30, 2018

Throughout my life I have been to some outstanding beauty clinics like Sono Bello here in Bellevue which I found thanks to the glowing Sono Bello reviews, and some other establishments which have left me curious as to how they can even make money. Thanks to the wide range in clinics that there are, it can be hit and miss to find a great one. Thankfully I have a great friend who lives with me here in Bellevue, who runs her very own, highly successful beauty clinic. I picked Diana’s brains to find out what it is that makes her business so successful and she was very quick to reinforce how important the basics are when running a beauty clinic, and here is what she was referring to.

Simple Menu and Prices

Diana told me how important it was to keep the number of services and treatments succinct, and to make sure that the prices are competitive. She likens this to going into a restaurant, if you see a menu of 10 items, you know that they will be well prepared and freshly cooked, if you see a menu of 100 items, you know that you’re going to be eating food of a lesser standard. Diana offers 15 beauty treatments, and nothing more.


The impact which using the internet to promote your business is such that this is now considered a basic necessity for any business. Diana stresses the importance of inviting comments and helpful reviews onto review sites like Yelp and Google, as well as the power of using social media to amp up the attention which her business receives. Diana reminds me how important it is that you don’t forget about interacting with clients, and this is what she enjoys doing most when using social media sites.


The beauty clinic should be immaculate, comfortable, relaxing and you should feel as though you are stepping out of the real world and into your own corner of the globe. This is what Diana considers to be the absolute requirement for any beauty parlor, and it is in this simple idea of making the client feel otherworldly, that she has managed to find the level of success that she has. These basics, are crucial to a customer returning and if you can make them feel like they are going on a spiritual journey thanks to the environment you have created, Diana says that this is all you need for a loyal customer base.


Diana talks about how frustrating she used to find it whenever she tried to get an appointment in a beauty parlor, only to be told to wait weeks. What she has done in her business however, is to make sure that everyone can get an appointment in 3 days or less. This is done thanks to carful organization, backup staff on hand, and a streamlined service which means that clients can always be seen.

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