Accidents at Home: Avoid Them With These 5 Tips

By admin / April 23, 2021

Did you know that falling is the second leading cause of home death? And it’s so preventable. Yet hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized each year for fall fractures.

You can easily prevent nasty accidents at home by taking some simple steps to make your home safe.

Check out these five home safety tips.

1. Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls With Good Housekeeping

The most common household accidents can be avoided simply by making sure that your house is neat, tidy, and in order.

For example, if something spills on the floor or there is a puddle from a water leak, clean it up immediately. If they’re not cleaned quickly, then you become a huge slipping hazard.

To prevent tripping accidents, keep your home tidy as household appliances, toys, gadgets, etc, that are left lying around risk someone falling over them.

2. Be Extra Careful With Hot Items and Liquids

Hot liquids, stoves, ovens and, fires are hazards at home — especially for children (but not only). How many times have you burned yourself taking a pizza out of the oven, or spilled piping hot tea?

It’s important to pay extra attention when you’re cooking or handling hot liquid or items to prevent common household accidents. Remember to turn the oven and stove off as soon as you’re done cooking, keep the kettle out of reach of small children and move with caution when you’re carrying a hot pot or drink.

Burn salves and bandages should be a part of every household medical kit. If you’re lacking, then buy some first aid supplies online so that you’re prepared for emergency situations.

3. Keep Sharp Items Away From Children

It goes without saying that dangerous appliances and sharp cutlery should be safely locked away if you’re concerned about preventing accidents at home.

It’s too easy for a curious child to poke their hands in drawers and meet the share blade of a knife. The same goes for leaving food processors and blenders with sharp blades on the counter. Always pack these things away in cabinets that can lock or out of reach from small humans.

4. Slip-Proof Your Bathroom

With slippery tiles, constant moisture, and frequent puddles the bathroom is a hazardous spot of the house. So, if you’re wondering how to avoid accidents at home then start by slip-proofing your bathroom.

Add non-skid mats to your showers and next to your bathtub. If elderly people live in your home, consider grips and handholds.

5. Inspect Outlets

Don’t let your outlets become the reason for accidents in your home. Inspect outlets and attached chords to ensure that there is no fraying or damage. Tuck away and neaten chords so that they don’t become a trip hazard.

Most importantly, add childproof covers to exposed outlets to avoid any curious children sticking their fingers in places that they shouldn’t.

Prevent Accidents at Home

Now you know the key ways to keep your home safe and avoid accidents at home. Make sure that slip, trip, and fall hazards are always taken care of and that your bathroom has no-slip mats.

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