How to Perfectly Mix and Match Furniture

By admin / April 25, 2021

Furniture is almost always the largest décor item in a room. Still, getting the right furniture or room always tends to be a challenge regardless of how large or small the space is.

You would think that having hundreds of styles, themes and colors would make the process easier. Instead, it makes it overwhelming.

If you are going for a mix and match look, even more so. While the result is very rewarding if done correctly, you will encounter a few more challenges.

Here is how to ensure you perfectly mix and match your furniture pieces.

1. Shop For Quality

Whether you are going for a matching set or mix and match, the first rule to furniture shopping is to go for quality. Find a furniture store in Montreal known for good quality, durable, elegant pieces. Furniture is not something you change every other day. It, therefore, makes sense to invest in the best from the get-go.

You can then change the upholstery over the years to change up the look.

2. Create a Plan

The end look you are going for is a room that has symmetry and harmony. Before making any purchases, think about how everything ties in together.

It can help to look through décor books and make cutouts of the mix and match furniture you are looking at. Use this to create a lookbook. This can be useful in giving you a rough idea of what the result will look like.

You can amend this as many times as it will take to get the look and feel you are aiming for.

3. Colors are Key

To apply a mix and match style, go easy on color for the most part. Simple color palates ensure that the general theme of a room is not overshadowed.

Competing colors can make a room feel and look harsh.

As much as possible, pair furniture with printed fabrics with plain, single-colored ones. Similarly, use concentrated patterns on smaller surfaces than larger ones. Too much of this can make a room look ‘busy.’

Similarly, pair accent colors with neutral shades.

4. Use Texture

Mix and match include the use of different textures as well. This not only accentuates the overall theme of a space, but it also appeals to the tactile element of décor.

When shopping, pay attention to the textures used in different furniture types. Find two or three textures on different items that will compliment each other when laced in the same space.


The key to a sophisticated mix and match look is going for an understated look.

Still, do not be afraid to experiment with different schemes and layouts. After all, the main thing about mix and match is allowing you to create an individual style that allows your personality to shine through.

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