Rules for getting your first luxury watch

By admin / June 24, 2019

Purchasing the first luxury watch always raises many questions. There are various considerations that can sometimes create doubts for you as a buyer. From the right brand to the right budget, I suggest you take the time and specialize in purchasing luxury watches.

Start the watch collection

Since ancient times, passion for watches has always been transmitted very quickly. So … when you have several possibilities to start a watch collection, I suggest you read this article to the end.

What is the price for the first luxury watch

Well it’s not too expensive, if you want it! Say a maximum of $ 3,000!

The first watch in your collection will also be the subject of your first mistake, unless you have learned repeatedly and hesitated for a long time. You might be surprised by the phenomenon of the “first luxury watch” and you might be “blinded” by any design, brand, or other aspect that could prevent you from finding the “most ideal watch.”

First determine the budget, this will allow you to focus your research on customized brand panels. Then, after a brief review of the watch and its brand reputation, it may be the factory history that will guide you.

Maybe it will be too much sports oriented or will be mainly present in cultural, cinematographic or other events and therefore will get your full attention. Watchmaking is beautiful and has magical and different actors. You will find brands adapted or dreamed without hesitation.

Quartz, mechanical or automatic watch?

Specify your choice ! Until now, the offering of watches is more than varied and allows you to choose a quartz or automatic watch without releasing your favorite brand or model. To be clearer, giving the right answer to the question “Should I choose 116610lv or Breilting Chronomat” is difficult. Difficult because there are no rules. Again, you choose according to your wishes and budget.

In general, there is a beginning in quartz and “evolution” to automatic mechanics and some manual pumping. It is common to observe on related websites and forums that say “My first watch!”

If you ask me, I haven’t used quartz watches since 2010 and I only have a mechanical watch. Without remembering the saying “The heart has a reason that you don’t know”, you know that mistakes are easy when desires are involved, so to help you, here are a few tips:

– Don’t buy too fast! Take the time to think, imagine your days with a targeted watch.
– Ask about the cost of a watch revision, this can help you decide.
– Don’t exceed a reasonable budget.
– Enjoy the history of the brand.
– Don’t give credit to finance your purchase, you may be bored with your watch.
– Try a watch several times and with a few clothes (if you have the possibility)
– Avoid fake sellers and fake watches.

Follow the rules and get your dream watch!

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