What You Need to Know About Plant Hire

By admin / December 22, 2019

When working on a construction project, you will need heavy machines to complete various tasks. While you have the option to buy the equipment that you will use, it can be expensive. It may not be worth the investment, especially if you will only use it for a limited period. Plant hire is the answer if you want access to a wide variety of heavy equipment, but do not want to spend big when you do not regularly use it. Here is how the process works.

Determine the machines that will do the work

Heavy machines have various functions. To determine what equipment you need to rent, find out what specific job you need to undertake. Some of the most common heavy equipment used for construction are cranes, rollers, bulldozers, excavators, dumpers, and diggers. They also come with different features and designs. For example, a crane can be mobile or static. Mobile cranes move, while static ones stay where you install them.

Delivery of equipment

You have the option to pick up the machine from the rental company. They can also deliver it to your site, which is more convenient. If you choose the latter, the delivery fee will be included in your rates. Some of the factors that will be considered for the rental cost are the distance of travel from the company to your site and the size of the machine that you hire.

Machine insurance

You need to get insurance for renting a piece of equipment. Plant hire companies usually require this. When you use the machine, anything can happen that is beyond your control. An accident or breakdown may occur, and if the equipment is insured, you and the rental company will not have further problems when it comes to repairs or replacement. Although you may have a qualified operator running the machine, unexpected things can take place, and you need to be ready for these events.

The fuel of the machine

When you get the equipment, the provider will fill it with fuel. The rate of hiring a machine usually does not include the cost of the fuel. However, to be on the safe side, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they did not discuss it. If it is included in the rate, then you don’t have the responsibility to return it with a full tank since you already paid for it. But if it is not included in the cost, make sure you organise a bulk fuel delivery and see to it that you fill all machinery with the right fuel when you return it.

Rental period

The rental period can vary. It can be from one day to several months. Determine how long you will need the machine so you can decide on the best rate to choose. There are daily, weekly and monthly rates. Often, you will save on longer rental periods. So, if you plan to use the equipment for a month, choose a monthly rental over a daily rental.

Hire from a company in the area where you will use the machine to make things more convenient. If you are in Birmingham, find an option for plant hire in Birmingham that meets your needs.

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