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The vibrant city of Hong Kong is a magnet for entrepreneurs, much like the rest of Asia. This part of the world is full of life and character. It has rich customs and traditions, but the people here are not afraid to embrace change. If you’re keen to launch a business somewhere exciting, Hong Kong is a great choice. It is relatively easy to get started if you lease a serviced office because these suites come fully furnished. There is no need to supply furniture or take out contracts with utility providers.

To find out what a serviced office looks like, visit today. This guide to their perks and special features will tell you a little bit more.

The Whole Kit Included

As already mentioned, many serviced offices come fully furnished. The owner of the building takes care of all basic needs, including repairs, lighting, heating, cleaning, and broadband. If you decide to lease one of these managed suites, you really can move in right away. All you need to bring is your trusty team and some computing equipment.

Make Luxury an Option

All of the key provisions outlined above are included in the monthly rate. As a result, serviced offices – even the ones in upmarket locations – are highly manageable. This could be your shot at securing a prestigious address in downtown Hong Kong. Your business would be in the spotlight and on the radar of big investors.

‘Pay As You Go’ Terms

Serviced vendors are known to allow tenants quite a lot of flexibility and control. Often, the corporate resources, tools, and equipment are offered on a changeable basis. Businesses are encouraged to review the terms of use as often as required and alter details if they’re not satisfied. If you go serviced, you’ll never end up paying for things you don’t want.

Plenty of Support

Serviced tenants benefit from more than logistical support. The finest facilities in Hong Kong provide access to trained receptionists, mail handling services, conference rooms, and more. There should also be a team of tech support staff onsite to help you with any unexpected computer or networking problems. They deal with the dull stuff so you can focus on growth.

Enjoy a Negotiable Lease

It’s also worth noting that serviced vendors deal in adaptable, flexible terms. Tenants are free to change or terminate their lease at any time. These providers do not believe in closed contracts or charging penalties for leaving. Most traditional, privately held leases demand a lengthy commitment. So, this is a desirable arrangement for rapidly growing businesses.

Better Risk Management

For all of the reasons outlined above, serviced offices are a handy introduction to risk management and future proofing. As all terms are changeable, there is no danger of getting trapped in an unsuitable contract. It is something that happens to businesses all the time, but your company can be ahead of the curve. Don’t give up your freedom to choose. It is important to find good work and life balance where you still have control and do not have to risk it all if things are not working out as planned.

The Fastest Way to Find a Serviced Office in Hong Kong

For businesses in Hong Kong, the best place to look for a serviced office is right in the centre of town. These world-class facilities are gradually moving outwards and starting to serve the suburbs. However, for now, the best offices are still found in busy, urban neighbourhoods. You’ll find premium serviced suites stunning skyscrapers, with incredible views of the Hong Kong skyline. The goal is to create environments that make employees proud to spend time at work. Going serviced is all about getting what you want and what your business needs.

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