3 Reasons Why You Should Be a Risk-taker

By admin / December 21, 2017

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Caption: No risks, no rewards!

Oftentimes, taking risks is frowned upon. However, it’s been proven that risk-takers are usually the most successful people. Think about the cryptocurrency investors, stud poker players, and stock market traders. Those are some of the riskiest business or hobbies to be in. Although, each of those is perceived as being risky because of the unknown, oftentimes, the outcome is positive. Right now, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is one of the most rewarding ways of building wealth, but stock market traders have been taking risks for centuries, so the outcome must be worth it. Also, think about those who play online poker, they are taking risks with the hope reaping rewards in the end. Here are three reasons why you should be a risk-taker.

Great Things Happen Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever heard of the saying “great things never come from comfort zones”? This is especially true when it comes to starting a business, learning a new skill, improving your fitness, being a poker player, meeting new people, etc. The theory is that if you’re stuck in your comfort zone and aren’t open to new opportunities, you’re never going to break loose and realize your potential. Imagine trying to start a business with the same old mindset and not applying for loans, not meeting with investors, setting around hoping something will happen. You’re comfortable, so nine times out of 10, you’re never going to open a business.Now, imagine you’re a poker player in a game of Texas Hold’Em. You believe you’ve got a winning hand, but you’re afraid to flop. You’d rather be safe rather than take a risk, even when there’s a great chance you could win. If you play it safe, more than likely you won’t win. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking risks is an essential part winning.

Source: Pexels
Caption: Will you play it safe or take a risk?

Taking Risks = Confidence

When you’re a risk-taker, it shows that you have confidence, which strikes fear in others and help you stand out. Let’s say that you are playing a game of basketball, and you’re a confident player. This will bring fear to someone on the opposing team and it may even knock them off their game, which will increase your likelihood of winning the game. The same knowledge applies if you are in a game of stud poker, and you’re the most confident player, taking all the risks with your poker face on. The other players will either believe you’re bluffing or fold. Regardless, your confidence will more than likely scare them.

Risks Often Teach Lessons

Taking a risk that didn’t go as planned can teach you a valuable lesson. Even if the outcome is favorable after taking a risk, it could teach you the importance of knowing limits or how far to take things. For example, if you invested into cryptocurrency and lost it all, then you’ll likely learn to be more conservative with our investments. The same is true about risking more than you should have in a game of Omaha Hi-Lo. It can teach you that you can’t always win, and that next time you should play a little smarter. But there is growth in failure, and learning is an essential part of that process as it shapes you as a person. If you’ve taken some big risks that led to a loss, fear not, that was merely a lesson learned on what not to do the next time.

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