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Say Goodbye To Office Gloom! Awesome Exercises You Can Perform At The Office To Stay Fit And Healthy

It’s judgement day; and the offenders up on trial are the office, the living room, and the bedroom. What does this particular case involve? The crime of making one’s lifestyle so sedentary, that it lead to the inevitable deterioration of their health.

The jury passes the verdict. Of all three suspects, the office has been found to be the mastermind behind such an atrocious affair!

In fact, the 21st Century man is quite plagued by the misfortunes of a sedentary lifestyle. Everything from disease, social isolation, to mental depression, can be heavily linked to an office-based work setup.

It’s no wonder thousands of millennials today are doing all they can to get a stable, remote, freelancing career going for them. One can only imagine all the perks that comes with it.

Ability to work from the comforts of the home, time to exercise, and also, not having to worry about eagle eyes from Mr./Mrs. ‘Head of Department’ on every move that they make!

Making the best of the work environment

Unfortunately, for the corporate masses, a 9-5 is part and parcel of their daily lives. That being said, how can one make the best of it and still maintain optimal health? Of course, a great diet is key!

However, exercise needs to play a crucial role too. That being said, here are some simple and groundbreaking exercises one can incorporate for just 5 minutes a day while on their chair.

20 chair squats

Much like the regular squat, the chair squat involves standing up and squatting. However, instead of going all the way down, one can simply go all the way down to the level of the chair. Do about 20 of those as a set to flex those leg muscles.

20 chest squeezes

While seated, place both arms in front, and bend them at a 90 degree angle. Then proceed to clasp or lock those hands together, before squeezing as hard as possible. Ensure to hold this position for about 10 seconds then relax.

Alternatively, one can do about 20 of them in quick session as a set.

40 leg extensions

Feeling a little stiff with those legs? Simply sit upright, get some leg room, and stretch that leg forward as much as is possible.

For a great stretch, one should do about 40 leg extensions as one set.

10 chair body lifts

Feel like working on those biceps? A great way to do so is by doing chair lifts. Keep in mind though that chair lifts are extremely involving. So it would be wise to do only about 10 chair lifts as a set.

40 crisscross arms

Perhaps one of the simplest office exercises on this list, crisscross arms are used to work the arms, and also to target some of the inactive back muscles, and effectively get them stretching.

Since crisscrosses is easy to do, one can do about 40 at a go!

That being said, one can still perform more essential exercises at home such as the Dumbbell Sumo Squat, sit-ups and pullups for optimal health.

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