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By admin / October 7, 2019
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Running a home-based business has become a trend, and that’s a good trend we have seen in ages. And we can’t neglect social media which gave people the power and easy access to the market. Lots of platforms were already there like Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and thousands of others but Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram gave laymen the power and ability to start their own business even with minimum cost. But at the start you need to work on ideas which can save your cost of business like if you are starting CBD product selling business online, you may need some best marijuana and cannabis packaging companies but the best always charge high, so here we are going to share DIY packaging ideas which can save a good amount of money for your business.

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Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are very much in trend these days. Most of the business-like clothing, cosmetics, and even jewelry businesses are using pillow boxes to deliver goods to their customers. If you buy it from the market, you will have to keep in mind a good budget for these boxes. But if you can make them at home, you will be saving that sum, and your packaging will be as per current trends as well. Pillow boxes are quite easy to make. Just find the step by step guide online, and you can make it merely by folding the hard paper or card.

Glittery Jewelry Boxes

You can turn a simple box into the glittery boxes by the use of the glittering paper wrap. If you are selling artificial jewelry like engagement rings etc., you can use these boxes to deliver the products to your customers. You can easily find cheap boxes from the market in different sizes and colors. All you need to do is to use glittering paper wrap to make it appealing.

Kraft Paper Bags and Boxes

Kraft paper bags and boxes look graceful, and most of the big brands use Kraft paper bags and boxes. The basic reason is that Kraft paper bags and boxes are nature-friendly. Kraft paper is made from the waste of bamboo trees, and it is easily dissolved or recycled after use. Well we are here to discuss the DIY paper boxes ideas, so that becomes easier with Kraft paper. Get the 120 gram Kraft paper from the market and prepare bags or boxes. Using stencil or screen printing you can get your single color logo printed on it. It looks graceful, and people like it a lot. You can add some creativity like you can use some ribbon or something like that to make it more beautiful.

You can find some more ideas on the web and these ideas will save your packaging cost. Packaging cost directly increases the cost of the product and hence reduces your profit margins. So if you are new in the business and you can to keep the prices low to enter into the competitive market, you can try these DIY packaging ideas.


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